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[Bands Spoilers] Brass Savantism


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So, the Southerners had, just, super weak body heat, right? Like, they could be covered in blankets and still be shivering, while in the Basin, which is a very temperate place. What if, because they were constantly tapping brassminds(or tapping them often), that their bodies homeostasis(I think that s the right word) is just shot. Similar to Miles, who was constantly tapping gold, but instead it gave him extra healing abilities, whereas the Southerners can't generate heat very well inherently. This would explain why they're constantly shivering(this was the 4th most intriguing thing to me in BoM).


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My thoughts on this are a bit more mundane.  We know that the pre-catacendre world grew much hotter the farther south you went, to the point where oceans supposedly boiled and people died of the heat.  I would expect that once you passed that "heat belt" the climate started getting cooler again, and it's my guess that the southern people lived in an area that's cooler than the uninhabitable zone, but still much hotter than "normal".  Brandon has mentioned the southerners having to "adapt", so I think that 1,000 years of living in a hot climate achieved the effect you're talking about, of altering the way their bodies work.  


Then, when Harmony remade the planet, all of a sudden their land is now cold (I think the way they describe it, as being an uninhabitable frozen wasteland, is suspect) and they have to tap heat.  This is supported by the end, when we see the Sovereign's memories, and we see people freezing to death of conditions that he Sovereign thinks are not even that harsh.

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