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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons


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Ok. I got Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons during the steam sale and it is one of the best games I have ever played.


It is one of the very precious few games that truly combines the story and the gameplay mechanics. There is no dissonance between them. The game is only 2.5-3 hours long so you can easily play it in one session and that will be by far the best experience. Brothers is a brilliantly designed, extremely emotional game and if you play games at all I highly highly recommend you play it. (Yes, as emotional as a Brandon book ;) )


You do need a controller to play it, there are keyboard mechanics but using a keyboard would cripple the experience. It is available on xbl and psn and through steam, if you have a controller for your pc then steam is a good bet as it is currently half price (7.49USD) for the duration of the holiday sale.


There isn't too much more to say, don't watch a let's play, you won't get the proper experience that way. But please, if you possibly can, play this game.

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