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My answer for anyone wanting a book recommendation is to read something by Brandon Sanderson.  My wife, thus far, has not listened when I suggested.  


So last night, I just started reading to her from The Way of Kings.  We stayed up too late and picked up again this morning while she was getting ready.  The prelude through chapter two took a few hours.  But I think I am finally getting through to her.


I do have to comment on one line from the prologue.  Szeth is scanning the crowd and sees Elhokar speaking to two people.  One is the Azish man with the crescent scar on his cheek.  The other is the man Jasnah later overhears referring to "Ash getting worse" and Szeth having "my Lord's blade".  After Szeth sees them, he immediately dismisses them as unimportant.  The line made me laugh out loud, and I had to explain to my wife why it was so funny.

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