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Speculation regarding Galivar


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Okay ive had the audiobook of WoK running, and a few things ive noticed on this re-read/listen. Everyone says how Galivar became very strange towards the end, and how Dalinar is going the same way.


Just before and during the first Plateau run you see Dalinar go on, the one Sadeas joins him on have 2 key points which have made me think. Dalinar remembers a conversation with Galivar mere days before he was assasinated where he told Dalinar that everything has changed now. and during the assault Dalinar see's windspren and hears a fragment of "the words"


So its probably safe to assume that Galivar might well have been further along the path towards being a KR than Dalinar is,


My speculation: what if you are not allowed to specifically tell someone the words and that you have to find them within yourself, and that is what dictates which branch you fall into, because only the first two lines are for all Radiants? 


If this is the case, then Galivar might well have bound a spren and already said some of the words, from what Dalinar remembers he was excited and everyone thought he had changed, even more so just before he died. So if he could not outright state what the words were, then his message for Dalinar to find the most important words a man can say might well have been designed to lead him on the path of the radiants.


Also, if he had told the Parshendi or if they had noticed, and if he told them about his plans to turn the Alethi back into the Silver Kingdoms, then they would rightly fear that Odium would resurface, Galivar was trying to stop the wars, Odium left humanity alone because they were corrupting and destroying themselves. If Galivar's plan to stop that had worked then the Parshendi whom most likely kept a far better record of the past and likely understood Odium to a far higher degree might have been right to fear his plans.


And this to me seems to be the sort of thing which a King might well tell his new guests, in part to placate them. "See you dont need to fear us, im trying to turn us into the shining beacon of honor we once were..."


Hours later he was murdered...

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