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Help!!! Assassination of Gavilar Coppermind Page

Young Bard

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I'm trying to create an Assassination of Gavilar page. The thing is, there are a bunch of characters to keep track of on that night, and I'm trying to keep track of all of them. I'm trying to make a table. This is fine for the most part, but I don't have exact times, which make it awkward.


Can people more Stormlight-Aware help me with times for that day. Particularly, how long after these events did the Assassination occur.


In order where possible:

Shalash smashes her statue - no idea. Any guesses?

The Treaty is signed - "a few hours" before the start of To Kill.

The party begins - (5 hours before T-0?)

Gavilar leaves the party - retired "several hours ago" according to Szeth" (3 hours, maybe?)

Sadeas leaves the party - goes past Jasnah as she worries about her shadow. - 30 minutes before.

Jasnah leaves the party - left before Szeth does, but not too long before, as Jasnah spots Szeth soon after leaving the party. - 25 minutes before?

Szeth leaves the party (Elhokar talks with an Azish and Alethi man) - 20 minutes before?

Jasnah meets Gavilar and Amaram - 15 minutes before?

Jasnah meets Liss - 10 minutes before?

Szeth starts the rampage - 10 minutes before?

Szeth begins the fight with Gavilar (1st time) - 5 minutes before?

Jasnah overhears the 2 ambassadors (Nalan & someone else) - 5 minutes before?

Jasnah arrives in Gavilar's chambers, Gavilar death speech, transferral of the stone - 1 minute before

Gavilar dies, Parshendi talk to Jasnah- 0

Sadeas arrives in Gavilar's chambers - 1 minute after.


What did I miss? Are there any inaccurate things said?


EDIT: Wow... There are really large gaps where we don't know where anyone is... and a massive number of what I think are Chekhov's guns.

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This is a great idea, because we know we will get the same scene for the next 3 books.

Everything on your list looks good to me.

Some things that could be worth adding:-

Seth noticing the drunk man who many think may actually be Jezerezeh.

The fact that we see Tearim in Gavilar"s sharplate initially, which would require some time to for Gavilar to get into when the time came. In fact, there is probably a meeting involving Tearim, Gavilar and Sadeas to be slotted in there somewhere.

Perhaps also make note of the fact that Jasnah was meeting Liss to arrange an assassination of Elhokar's wife, as I suspect, she may make an appearance in future books.

This makes me even more excited to read the next viewpoint of this scene.



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Sorry Bard,

I'm old and don't know how to link to a theory page, but I searched on "drunk man" and found a bunch of people theorising on possible heralds. Also, I didn't mean to say any of what I posted should be added to your timelime, more just ideas I've been thinking about, and what I think might be foreshadowing for future books.

Feel free to take or leave what you want from my thoughts on the subject, I'm just really fascinated for yours and Moogles efforts

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