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Theory about Gavilar and Parshendi gods


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Not sure if everything was put together like in this theory, but here are my thoughts:


* When Tanavast died (or maybe at the Recreance), there was a block that prevented spren crossing realms (or if they would cross, they would lose their sentience ) - or maybe prevents them from making bonds. Basically, no spren in the Physical could maintain their cognitive connection and they would .. float around, mindlessly...


* Gavilar (maybe using dark stormlight?) managed to break this block ("Tell Thaidakar he is too late...") - now it is possible for spren in the Physical realm to keep their sentience - probably bonding is now possible again (and they can use the human), or the connection with Shadesmar is possible (as in bonding was theoretically possible before too, but the spren would still be dumb and hence no power granted to the human - he would be unaware of the bond or the spren actually, so the bond would be completely useless).


Bonus: the parshendi gods are bonding spren - they are actually pieces of the shards, so they qualify as gods - and, bonded, they can be terrible - we've seen surgebinders can be very evil and almost destroy the world (like in Nohadan's time), plus spren can bind other creatures that can wreak havoc, not to mention corrupted spren.


This can explained why people had the impression that chasmfiends are parshendi gods - because they are! - they are bonded to spren. But parshendi were not scared about their "return", because they are ... lesser gods ... than the ... more advanced and intelligent spren gods that can bind with humans (and maybe parshendi too). And this can explain the parshendi reaction to Kaladin - they recognized he was ... "possessed"... by one of their gods...


Hope this makes sense, I wrote this before having coffee :)


Another bonus: Wyndle says he is not a voidbringer - so maybe a voidbringer is another type of spren (honorspren, cultivationspren, voidbringer a.k.a. odiumspren) - or a corrupted spren. But I would be inclined in voidbringers being odiumspren.

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