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How do you join an RPG?


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So, I've noticed several members have RPG game results in their signatures. Some of them sound pretty fun. I checked out the Forums → Community → Role-Playing boards, but it was not at all clear how someone would go about finding a game to join that wasn't already in progress.


Anyone have any tips for how to get started? Thanks!

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To join Sanderson Elimination, for example, all you have to do is go to a thread during signups and say "I want to join," or words to that effect. Unfortunately, no games are in signups right now, but I'll be sure to reply here again when one is!

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The next game will likely be a QF (Quick Fix), but I don't know when it will start. If you follow the Sanderson Elimination forum, it will notify you when a new topic is posted (Note that for a while, all of the topics will just be for current running games), and then you can go to that topic and join. If it has to do with a current game, the topic title will have a Day or Night attached to it, as in LG15: Night One: <name>.

If it's a new game, it will be of the format LG15: <name>, or whatever the game happens to be.

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