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Something cool I noticed


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I feel like this has probably been addressed before, but I found it and it seems really cool to me so I will put it out there! I noticed that all the allomantic symbols are made out of things representing the 3 metallic arts- there are circles- most likely referencing metals, there are spikes- hemalurgy- and crescent shaped like bracelets, for feruchemy

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I've read somewhere (can't find it right now, but please believe me) that the brainwave for the allomantic symbols came from a pile of old nails Isaac Stewart was staring at looking for inspiration. So the spikes are straight nails, the crescents are bent nails and the dots are probably nails seen head-on.


Canonically, the Allomantic symbols evolved from Feruchemic symbols, like the modern letter 'A' evolved from the Phoenician character "Aleph" (20px-Phoenician_aleph.svg.png) (which evolved from an Egyptian depiction of a bull's head, but I digress).


In HoA the chapters are marked with a third - more sloppy and fluid-looking - set of characters, which I believe to be the Hemalurgic equivalent of these symbols (no real basis for it, but I can't see what else it could be).

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