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"The [Generic Word]"


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While creating the page for the Village, I had trouble deciding whether to use "Village" or "The Village" as the title. Eventually I chose "The Village". My reason is that the "the" is part of the common name of the place. But then, I came upon the articles for the Set and the Diagram, and those one only had "Set" and "Diagram, respectively, for their title.


So, should I move my article to Village? Is the convention of discarding the "the" something that was agreed upon by the Coppermind admins? Right now Village already redirects to The Village, but I'd be happy follow the convention if need be.

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How about calling it the Terris Village, and having both Village and The Village re-direct to that?


On another note, has anyone else noticed the word Autonomy in the description? Coincidence? What do you mean it isn't symbolism? BAVADIN IS ON SCADRIAL CONFIRMED. GET YOUR ALUMINUM HATS, PEOPLE, BAVADIN IS ON SCADRIAL. THE TERRIS VILLAGE HAS AUTONOMY. BAVADIN IS ON SCADRIAL.

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We've already discussed this one amongst ourselves. The page is to be called, "The Village."

Suggest that in the unlikely circumstance that there is another "Village" that is generically named in a future book, this one becomes The Village (Elendel) for purposes of Disambiguation.

Until I saw this was decided, I was going to suggest "Village (Elendel)" as a possible name without ambiguity.

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