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Q&A We Totally Missed


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I don't know if anyone else had picked it out, but Zas just discovered this FAQ about The Way of Kings on Goodreads, which happened in December: http://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/446239-q-a-with-brandon-sanderson-way-of-kings

Alternatively, you can read it at Zas's fantastic Brandonothology, which if you aren't aware, contains pretty much every Q&A ever with Brandon (that relates to the cosmere, at least). This Goodreads Q&A is listed at the top, as "Goodreads 2.0"

(Slight spoilers ahead)

As far as content goes, it's quite fascinating. For one thing, Brandon thinks "Shardholder" is a term that can get confused with "Shardbearer", so he just refers to them as Shards. He discusses some of the reasons for safe hands. He confirms that Kaladin will have a second flashback book (this was uncertain at the time of 17S's August interview with him). People who are not Heralds can wield Honorblades.

And a whole lot more, like a cryptic clue as to Syl and Kaladin's bond. Go check it out.

EDIT: Zas has also uncovered another one, via reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/Fantasy_Bookclub/comments/fuq0p/qa_with_brandon_sanderson/

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