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The other Side of the Coin - Legacy

D.R. West

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This is the first book of my trilogy. I called it Legacy because it takes place about ten years before the events of "Mistborn: The Final Empire".



Alana Leary, a young country noblewoman who was raised by a skaa foster mother, has to leave her father's plantation to become a High Healer of the Lord Ruler's Healing Guild. Soon she realizes that the nobility in Luthadel is different from the people she grew up with, and she is confronted with the intrigues and deceitfulness of the High Court.
Her history with skaa and her ruthless uncle Straff Venture eventually lead Alana to live a dangerous double life. With the aid of members of a young thieving crew she secretly helps the skaa in Luthadel. But what will happen if her newfound friends find out who she really is?


Background for the MB characters Ham, Dockson, Kelsier as well as Elend and Straff Venture.



I have puplished it at AO3. I hope you like it. Enjoy.




PS: If there is any interest I can provide the novel as ebook (ePub or mobi, not the AO3 downloads, better quality).

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