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The Fabulous Thread for Favorite Fanfics

Kobold King

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Hello there, fellow farers of the world of fiction! Here lately I've been delving into the sea of fanfiction that the web's so full of, enjoying the stories crafted by fans such as myself.


Sadly, Sturgeon's Law is in full effect--90% of everything is garbage. :mellow: The Internet is rife with poorly written tales about Mary Sues and Gary Stus, with poor punctuation and terrible writing everywhere you look.


This thread is for sharing the remaining 10% with others who might enjoy them. If there's a fanfiction you liked, share it here! Tell us what work it's based on and give a content advisory where applicable, but above all, simply share the fictions that made you enjoy the original work all the more.


I'll start.


  • Eclipse: Based on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Eclipse is a thrilling adventure story that explores the relationship between Celestia and Luna. It's filled with intriguing characters, touching moments, and spectacular pieces of worldbuilding and headcanon.


  • The Keepers of Discord: Another MLP fic. This piece is an alternate universe story told from Discord's point of view, conscious and trapped in stone as he watches the ponies assigned to entertain him for all eternity. It's a surprisingly touching story.


  • Rest in Chaos: What's this? Another MLP fic? And about Discord, no less? Yes, I confess to having a soft spot for the ol' spirit of chaos. This story is written as an official document: Discord's will, to be opened in the event of his untimely demise. I found it darkly humorous.


  • A Bluer Shade of White: The one non-MLP story on my list, this Frozen fanfiction deconstructs Elsa's powers, exploring their extent, possible uses, and the ethics surrounding them. It's a lot more mature than the original movie, but there's nothing graphic. And if you're like me, the ending will leave you slack-jawed and giving a round of Internet applause.


Anyone else have recommendations to share with us?

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