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Using Duralumin to attract Honourspren


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There are probably some issues with this, and for that I apologise. I'm not quite down on the Stormlight Archive lore just yet. But I thought I'd put this out there for you all to shoot down :)


This came up in a thread about defining Honour. Gloom's post reminded me of a certain kind of Feruchemy...



I would speculate that Honor is about bonds. The bond of your word, the bonds between men, the bond of matrimony, etc. Honorspren bind things, and a large part of being honorable is being trustworthy. Lets take Szeth for example since he was already mentioned. For Szeth to attract honorspren, he would have to have people who were devoted to him, but he would have to be devoted to them in return. Honor is mutual understanding, trust, and faith in each other. For the honorable it is a two way street.


What a fascinating idea. Assuming your perspective, I wonder if a Duralumin Ferring with the proper investiture to bond with an honourspren could use his Feruchemy to cheat his way into bonding an honourspren. Duralumin, afterall, stores connectedness to others, and tapping huge amounts of Duralumin has the effect of making "anyone you spend a few minutes speaking to in a friendly manner feels a strong connection to you, as if they’ve known you for years. Old acquaintances suddenly feel as if you’re their closest friend. Likewise, you have difficulty betraying anyone other than a sworn enemy — or anyone you’re speaking with at the moment." and tapping even more makes you: "the object of absolute devotion by all but sworn enemies. Most will lay down their lives at your word, and happily submit to your every wish — as will you for them." (MAG 346).



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It might well attract an honorspren although this depends on whether they are able to in some way feel or sense other investiture. (Complete conjecture.)


The important thing I would be worried about is what happens when they stop tapping and more when they start storing. An honor spren, as demonstrated by Syl, can choose to leave someone.

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