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Lord Ruler's Hemalurgic spike(s?)


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I believe the Lord Ruler's atium braces were Hemalurgics spikes, allowing the Lord Ruler to superburn (is that the term?) atium.


This would also account for his claims to hear Ruin taunting him.


Are there any more?


Yes, they were his spikes

Hero of Ages Q&A - TWG (Verbatim)

Dalenthas (15 October 2008)

Did the Lord Ruler have any Hemalurgic spikes in him? It would seem he'd need to for Ruin to influence him, but it wasn't mentioned. Or did his bracers work as spikes?

Brandon Sanderson (16 October 2008)

His arm bracers, which pierced his skin, were his spikes.

Interview: Oct, 2008

Hero of Ages Q&A - TWG (Verbatim)

darxbane (16 October 2008)

In an annotation from book one, it is mentioned that The Lord Ruler needed all three magic systems in order to do what he did. I always assumed that it meant his Hemalurgy enhanced his Allomancy. Did Marsh get a double power, or is the Feruchemy-Allomancy combo enough? (a sidebar to this question is whether or not stacking abilities is possible through Hemalurgy).

Brandon Sanderson (17 October 2008)

He used Hemalurgy to pull off his most dramatic effects. Marsh didn't need them, but it makes things much easier.


I don't think he needed them for atium - compounding on its own is enough for Marsh, as far as I can tell, and I'm not sure that improving your allomantic power would necessarily give more return on compounding (though that's debatable).

That said, I'm not sure if an atium spike can store multiple attributes - they're wildcard spikes, and you can accumulate hemalurgic charge from multiple targets for other things (pewter spikes in koloss). I wouldn't be surprised if TLR managed to cram, say, four abilities in each bracer, but not confirmed just what exactly he did (though soothing is probably one of them)

We also have confirmation he used some sort of 'reverse compounding' method to strengthen allomancy, and he was also near-savant level in everything. TLR used all possible forms of powerup, in other words.

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My view has long been that he has at least Seeking and Soothing spiked up. I give my reasons in this post: http://www.17thshard.com/forum/topic/3813-hoid-has-the-lord-rulers-atium-bracers/?p=60860


This is not to say that he can't have spiked for more things, simply that if he had only spiked for two I think those would have been his choices.

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