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Ultimate Duel: Inheritance

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Cosmere vs Alagaesia!


If Eragon faced Kelsier in a swordfight (or an any_weapon_fight) who would win?

Arya vs VIn?

Roran vs Demoux?

Galbatorix vs The Lord Ruler?


Rules: (to be updated)

No magic or dragons for Algaesia characters, but preexisting wards are allowed.

Copperclouds block mental attacks


Thoughts on this?

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Kelsier and Vin would be Eragon and Arya same way Kelsier beat the inquisitor- they would just fly around them and keep hitting them with little pieces of metal until they broke through their wards- not to mention that their swords are made of metal...


Demoux would beat Roran by power of Atium (assuming he had enough to last him the time it would break through the wards)


The Lord Ruler wouldn't have a problem beating Galbatorix same way Kelsier and Vin beat their opponents, except that he also couldn't lose- he could survive decapitation!


Thing is though, that if the Inheritance characters used magic, the Mistborn people wouldn't stand a chance...

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I disagree.


Roran slaughters Demoux, he can turn invisible, remember?


Vin probably beats Arya, but Kelsier doesn"t stand a chance against Eragon Shadeslayer.

Remember his sword (Brisingr!) can't be affected by magic, and Kelsier enjoys close range combat more than sniper attacks. 

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