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Shadesmar: Turn west at Roshar


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I was reading the Derethil thread when I finally realized how much "Derethil" looks like "Dereth" and decided to connect some impossible dots. 


  • Urithiru is in the West
  • some people think Urithiru is in Shadesmar
  • Roshar suffers a lot of physical effects from shard interference.  

So what if there's a physical way to enter Shadesmar west of the Roshar supercontinent?  What if this is where Derethil sailed, and somehow found himself on Sel, sitting right on the X in Aon Mea (thoughtfulness, no less).


Two physical entry points to Shadesmar.  Two planets with dead gods.


Sel becomes all the more realmatically aware because of his talks with a little guy named Keshu.  Naturally, Hoid would've been their milkman or something.  Shoot, he could've been Korath.  Regardless, he'd know the tale.


Can anyone pick anything useful out of this wild conjecture?


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I think it's more coincidence than anything else. If I had any evidence that Sel has a Physical place where you can walk on in to Shadesmar, I'd be more convinced. I think if Urithiru really is in Shadesmar, it was probably accessed via the Oathgates. I don't know why he would show up in the X on the Mea. Are you theorizing that the abundance of thought allows someone to go to and from Shadesmar more easily there?


We've had name coincidences before, as well. These sorts of things come up when you write so many series. If an author likes the sound of a word, they might use it more than once. Such as Shash being a letter on Nalthis and a number on Roshar, or the similarities between the names of Kaladin and Kalad. We know for a fact that they aren't the same person, considering Kalad is Vasher.


I think that this is certainly an interesting and creative idea, but I personally doubt that it is true. Good way to think outside the box, though! :D

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Well, I'll point out that

(A) It appears that Jasnath shoves shallan into a white flame to send her back to the physical world


( B) There's a STRANGE WHITE SUN in shadesmar.


So if, hypothetically, there was a big realspace portal, it'd be the sun.

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