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Hi ya'll from the 4 Corners area of New Mexico


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Howdy, my name's Melony and I'm an aspiring comics writer/cartoonist. I came to your forum through the Writing Excuses podcast and figured I might find some friendly faces here. I'm a long time reader of fantasy & scifi, since about 3rd grade when I was diagnosed with extreme dsylexia which my mother than proceeded to help me by not only teaching me phonics but speed reading along with some wonderful teachers. So my collection of books have grown since then & I read on average 4 novels a week simply for fun (rereads often too). I'm looking to improve my writing and enjoy talking books/comics/ect. with some like-minded fans. All my local bookstores and comics shops have closed, so honestly I have no-one to talk to anymore about the nerding ways.

I have hit a wall locally, being a comics person, that any local writers or artists groups do not accept my forms of art or writing. I have been constantly told to "get a real job" , "get a life", or "what you do isn't real writing/art" and refused admittance into their writers groups or artist workshops. I honestly just want some friends to talk geek with & maybe get some better ideas for my own writing/art, but am refused time & again. So I figured I'd try the web and here I am. I hope you guys don't mind me lurking about and commenting here or there.


Much Regards,


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Hi there I'm from Albuquerque. I used to live in Gallup NM. I know what it's like to want to be in the comic book business. I'm not an artist though I have always wished I could draw. I am a writer and I hope that one day I can make my book. But I keep getting older and feel that I'm never going to get it done. But this is my first day on the site and cant' wait to read everything

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