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Hey, I'm a lurker


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I've been a member of the site for a long time (since TWG tanked, and I needed a place to get my cosmere-crack somewhere) but I've never posted in the forums: I normally just lurk around once in a while when I've been re-reading one of the cosmere novels.

However, I was planning to post a question about Stormlight, and I figure I should participate in the discussions that I so often creepily stalk. I figured introducing myself once would be a good idea.


Also I kind of really want a cookie.


Some real world information: I'm an undergraduate in India (I study math), and I got introduced to Brandon when he took the job for finishing Wheel of Time. It's a little hard to be a fan over here, because his publishers don't seem to send his non-WoT books to bookstores here, so I have to rely on online shipping sites to get his books. Also this means I have to spend between 2 to 4 weeks keeping somehow myself off the parts of the internets which have spoilers (this has happened twice yet, with Way of Kings and Alloy of Law, and I strongly suspect it will again with Words of Radiance).


Thanks for building this community by the way. I really enjoy my visits to these forums, even though they happen sparsely.

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