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Observation of Yolen


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*I have not read dragonsteel or more than the 3 chapters of LoP, and this really doesn't need that knowledge* 


I was reading an interview from The Book Smugglers when I came upon this quote:


I got into a lot of the YA classics in the late 90s, well after everyone else had been into them. Things like The Giver by Lois Lowry and Dragon’s Blood by Jane Yolen. Jane Yolen has long been one of my favorite writers. There’s just a lot of exciting things happening in YA, and I feel inspired by a lot of the works by those authors I’ve mentioned.


DragonSteel has dragons on it right? The planet is called Yolen right? I think its awesome if this is a nod to an inspirational author.



That's pretty much it, nothing to add about the cosmere outside of that for the moment.




*Edit* Maybe everyone else already realized this and I'm just behind the curve.

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No I just found out this yesterday too. I was like wait a second what's her last name... hmm interesting. I did wonder if everyone else knew this already but I'm not sure anyone would have asked before. Maybe we should ask Brandon why he named the other planets what he did.  

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