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So I was wondering why the Starbelt page is redirected to a section of the Threnody page? This seems like an odd place for that information and provides little in the way of expansion when disusing the star belt. Would maybe a page describing all stellar objects and then have starbelt redirect to that make more sense?

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I think it should probably remain where it is. After all - what would you define as a 'stellar object'. Does Braize count? What about Calamity? The current system of placing things by nearest planet makes sense as it is, I think.


I would, however, suggest a small amendment, which is to suggest a Category for 'Stellar objects', which I think would make an excellent compromise.

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so what we have right now is the category Celestial bodies  in that we have both Starbelt and Threnody. Both link to the same page how ever  that section says this


The Starbelt is an unusually bright patch of stars in the sky of Threnody.[2] It is useful for navigation in the Forests of Hell during the night; the light usually filtered through the trees fairly well.

The Starbelt is the same patch of unusually bright stars that is visible from Scadrial.[3] It is visible from other worlds in the Cosmere as well.[4]



The fact that this is something seen on more than this world maybe it deserves to have its own page instead of a redirect. Any additional information on this star belt makes no sense in being placed on the Threnody page. We could expand the information to include any worlds where it is mentioned. 

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