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Zane and Duralumin


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I hesitate to start this topic as I don't know what, if anything, there is to actually discuss. It's just kind of an observation I'm making.


In his final moments, Zane mentions how he realized Vin could pierce his copperclouds, and assumed she had a new metal.


Odd how Zane had TenSoon search for a new metal, which Vin coincidentally had, in order to explain Vin's ability which was actually explained via hemalurgy. Zane, who had a spike for allomantic steel, and who goes on and on about how similar he and Vin are, never thought it might be that simple. And TenSoon, an actual hemalurgic creation. I can understand TenSoon not explaining it, but surely he's been alive long enough, and had enough context, that even if he didn't have someone literally explain it to him, he'd be able to deduce that hemalurgy can increase allomantic abilities. Yet Zane, at least, wrongly assumed it must be a metal, and thereby happened upon an actual new metal. Who says two wrongs don't make a right?


Interesting that he'd be able to question enough about allomancy to guess that there are other metals, but not to actually know duralumin.


Please keep in mind; I accept these facts. I don't even say they're especially unlikely. I don't require anyone to point out various factors that might or might not have happened off-screen that could have made such things inevitable. It is the case, and not unreasonably so. I'm simply pointing out a few amusing coincidences and ironies.


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Ah yes, being misled into guessing something correctly. It reminds me of the readers guessing Atium has Mistings, but for the wrong reasons. (Atium is assumed to be a regular metal that should have Mistings, when in fact Atium Mistings shouldn't exist and were specifically engineered by Preservation)

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No one that Vin could pierce copperclouds because of the bronze spike she had as an earring. Maybe they both of them could've thought about it for a short time but they didn't know the story behind the earring like Marsh did. It was Marsh who knew the story and did something about it.

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