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Ruin or Kel?


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I'm rereading HoA. Now I know that Brandon has said Kel really was talking to Spook at some point, but eventually it obviously becomes Ruin, even the annotations say that Ruin is talking to Spook.


So have I missed something? Does anyone know exactly when Kel is talking to Spook as opposed to Ruin? Did kel really spike Spook? Or was that Ruin's doing?

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Kel didn't spike Spook, but he did speak to him. He talks to Vin too.

". . . AND THAT'S WHY YOU ABSOLUTELY must get that message sent, Spook. The pieces of this thing are all spinning about, cast to the wind. You have a clue that nobody else does. Send it flying for me."

Spook nodded, feeling fuzzy. Where was he? What was going on? And why, suddenly, did everything hurt so much?

"Good lad. You did well, Spook. I'm proud."

And Vin's is more subtle.

Fortunately, the pain was fading. Everything was fading. It was black.

Please, she thought, reaching out to the mists with one final plea. They felt so familiar all of a sudden. Where had she felt that feeling before? Where did she know them?

From the Well of Ascension, of course, a voice whispered in her head. It's the same power, after all. Solid in the metal you fed to Elend. Liquid in the pool you burned. And vapor in the air, confined to night. Hiding you. Protecting you.

Giving you power!

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Kelsier would have begun to talk to Spook after Spook removed his spike. This intuitively makes sense, since when the spike is inside Spook, Ruin can speak to him through the Hemalurgy. But, after the spike is removed, Kelsier--temporarily holding the power of Preservation, opposite power of Ruin--can finally get through to Spook. 

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Ok that makes sense. I haven't actually gotten the part where Spook removes his spike or I probably wold have noticed it. I was wondering how Kel was speaking to Spook through a hemalurgic spike even though he was holding preservation. 


It's funny how during a reread you realize that you totally misremember certain scenes.

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