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In light of the high levels of buzz about the upcoming Fallout game, and the Religions topic over in General Discussion, I wanted to bring this up.  Honest Hearts, the expansion for Fallout: New Vegas, deals with many issues already explored in the main game, but in its own story explores struggles related to two Mormon characters.  It has refreshing depth and moral complexity, even for New Vegas, and an interesting angle on exploring issues of war, cultural influence, proselytizing, and faith.


One thing I haven't had the chance to do before is ask Mormons about their take on the story.  Is it fair?  Joshua Graham would obviously be an unusual character from any culture, but is he a reasonable exploration of, for instance, attitudes toward war?  Daniel is practically an embodiment of both honest goodness and pacifism, but what does it say about him that, of all the characters, he's the only one who has no ending path where he's happy?

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