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So I've been lurking around the 17th shard, off and on, for the last 2 years or so - shortly after the release of WoK. Usually, what I've done, is read through all the theories with interesting titles that relate to the specific book I'm reading. There's a good chance that I will continue to do the same, except now I feel like I've read enough to where I could possibly contribute to a theory or discussion.

For a little info about me. I work for Blackboard.com, as a client care rep (customer support), I love MMA/Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and video gaming. For games I've typically leaned towards RPG's, but I'm finding that I have a shrinking about of time to play video games. Sadly that means I'm forced to consider, other, more mainstream options - such as Call of Duty and other FPS's. -__-

But oh, well. Such is life. :P:)

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