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Que Sera

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I believe the cliché is, "long time lurker, first time poster."


To the point: Hello, I'm Que Sera, and I'm a Brandon Sanderson fangirl.


I pretty much had to join the forums. I've been browsing them for ages, but after yet another recent re-read of WoK and WoR, I've decided that I need to join a community of like-minded enthusiasts... otherwise I will continue to Tweet incessantly about my love of Brandon Sanderson's writing to my puzzled friends. (It doesn't help that Brandon responds to Tweets sometimes.)


Anyway, hello all.


My introductory nerdy tale will be this: I travel pretty much weekly for work. I am often in airports, so I began checking every airport bookstore that was accessible from my Gate each week to see if I could find a signed copy of a Brandon book. It took about a year and a half of searching, but I was finally successful at ORD last October:




Nerd status: confirmed.

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Nerds are the best! Welcome!


You might want to look around here a little more before accepting that cookie. There's more here than what meets the eye... :ph34r:


Also, if you're a lurker, you might want to join the Forumlurkers of the Order of the Knights Awkward. We're quite the illustrious group.

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