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Questions about Mistborn Technology in the Space Era

Paranoid King

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So we know that Southern Scadrial has used technology for allomancy, rather than organics. We also know that there will be a space trilogy in mistborn. So this brings up a few questions:


1: Will they be able to reach other planets in the Cosmere?

  So far, the only people visiting between planets are worldhoppers, presumably through use of shardpools. Is this the only way, or is it possible to reach other planets with a few years of travel?

2: If so, will there be a showoff between mistblades and shardblades?

Southern Scadrial has had years to design and perfect technology. Surely they have had time to create superpowered swords. And if they have, then that leads to the all-important question: If Shardblades coalesce out of and into mist, will mistblades explode into shards when dismissed?

3: Does 17th shard have a headquarters, and if so, will Scadrial find it?

If so, it would result in either a drastic increase in the numbers of 17th sharders or an all-out war. I'm hopeful for either one.

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You're right about Scadrian FTL. Just do a little searching on reddit about it. Plenty of Words of Brandon to make it very likely... as in yes.


Some theories exist that we have already seen evidence of future Scadrians travelling about. Have you read every Cosmere story? If not, I won't spoil it, if it's even true.


Mistblades! Oh yeah! If it's technology-based, though, maybe they will be mistsabers instead. :P


I'll let you in on a very hush-hush secret:

This website is the 17th Shard's HQ. Don't be alarmed, but you are being observed for possible membership. Also, the scadrians have no idea. ;)


Chaos is the actual author of the letter. And recipient. He's strange like that... writing to himself and then leaving the paper for us to find. It took a while for us to figure it out. Suffice it to say we broke his pen and the catquisitors ran rampant with other fake Cosmere letters he was planning to sneak into people's PMs. Unfortunately, he snuck one out ontp the homepage last April 1st.

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Time Bubbles in General, discussion about Allomantic FTL:



Whole thing summarized: We don't know how they'll do FTL. A pulser, a slider, a lot of metal and a rocket is WoB confirmed "close, but missing something."  that "something" is something we haven't seen in the books yet.



I doubt there will be "Mistblades", though I've seen some speculation that a charged spike or heavily invested metalmind would be able to block a shardblade, so a Spiked Twinborn encased in Invested Armour vs a Radiant could be pretty awesome.

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