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No one is quite sure why the world ended, but it did.  And now a new one has been born.  Built upon the remnants of the Lost Age, a new civilization has gotten a foothold to write a new history.  Eleven city-states compete for power while small villages struggle for survival in a harsh world, but the ones who will truly shape the world in this Current Age are the Spheremorphs.

Their power is derived from the Formspheres and Morphing Grids, relics from an age gone by, that give their users a variety of abilities.  Abilities that are needed in this vicious world, who's many wilds and ruins are plagued by the presence of abominable monsters.

The cities, from the grandest of the city-states to the lowliest wandering town, rely on them to keep their citizens safe from attack.  But for every Spheremorph Defender, there are two Freelances, those who seek to increase their power by finding new spheres and killing monsters for the valuable materials needed to improve those they already have.  It is an often romanticized lifestyle, but it is not for the faint of heart.

Survival is the name of the game, but some seek to upset the order of things.  In the square of each of the city-states a sign has gone up:



"A tournament?  For Spheremorphs?  Ridiculous!  They're too valuable to risk on such foolishness!"  Or so the common wisdom was, but this...this was the grandest of opportunities.  What prize could it be?  Fit for a king?  But there are no kings!  Not yet.

Visions of glory dance through the minds of many men, but for some this is much more.  For some this is life.  Only time will tell what is to happen.  One Sphere may be all it takes to win, but there's no telling what could happen.

Nexus - A 17th Shard RPG

Welcome to Nexus!  If you're reading this it means you probably have some interest in joining this RP (or you're just getting rid of that blasted yellow icon B) ), so thanks!

Nexus is, at its core, an adventure RP, but it is also part crossover through the magic system and monsters.  We'll get to that in a bit.

The world of Nexus is mostly wilderness of varying sorts, crawling with all sorts of monsters.  You take the role of a Spheremorph, one of a group of powerful magic users, to take them on, whether as a Defender or Freelancer.  But there is room for all sorts of fantastic adventures to take place.  What you do is up to you!

Please take the time to read the first posts of the Story Topic so you know what's going on.  If you have questions, feel free to PM me or ask about it in the Discussion Topic.  That is also where you'll post applications.

This is the Data Topic, a database for the various character, Formshere, Morphing Grid, summons and items to found in the world of Nexus.

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Username: Emeralis00

Contact: [email protected]

Character Name: Ambrosius (Ambro for short)

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Hometown: Calm Beach (now nonexistant)

Marital Status: Single

Appearance: Pale skin, half-black/half-red hair, green eyes with red rims, 6' 5", 155 lb., patches of scaly red skin. Thin.  Wears countless bands of leather made from scraps, the spheremount  is attached to a particularly wide band on the left arm.

Personality: quiet, cynical, random bouts of depression, paranoid, often imposes challenges on himself.  Familial grudge against Frozen Foothills.  Doesn't believe in authority.

History: Descended from a family who believes that they caused the destruction of the last age when their ancestors dropped the ball.  It is unknown what ball they are refering too.  The Great-great-grandfather of Ambrosius once stole a spheremount from the city of Frozen Foothills, and as a result the other spheremorphs cursed the entire family with patches of scaly skin.  However, every generation, one family member is born without the curse.  This member was entrusted with the spheremount, and the continuity of the family name.  

         Ambrosius was born a twin.  Both Ambrosius and his twin were unmarked, so it was decided that Ambrosius, as he was born first, would inherit the Spheremount.  Yet, as they got older, Ambrosius started to develop the cursed scaly skin.  Seeing this, the family took the Spheremount from Ambrosius and gave it to the younger twin.  But Ambro would not give it up so easily.  During the night, Ambro sneaked into his brother's room and killed his brother.  nevertheless, The incident did not go unnoticed.  Ambro's family stormed into the room, and Ambrosius barely escaped by jumping into the ocean, but in escaping he lost the last formsphere in the set, the Seraph.  Believing Ambrosius to be dead, the family left Calm Beach.

Initial Grid: Serpent Grid

Forms: Atium Misting, Melodic Bladesinger, Smoke Braider, Geass

Username: Emeralis00

Contact: [email protected], or PM

Character Name: Jack McKinney

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Hometown: Keller City

Marital Status: Single

Appearance: Sloppily dressed and wearing bright and flamboyant colors, Jack has lost all care for his clothing (not that he had much to begin with). Jack has brown hair with a blaze of red hair above his left temple extending to his left ear. His eyes match whatever color his shirt is, but are normally a pale blue in color. He is heavily built, but leaning more on the flabby side than the muscular side.

Personality: Jack tends not to feel too strongly about other people’s opinions. He likes to let things slide, and go with the flow. He doesn’t take life seriously (this has put him into sticky situations many times). Whenever he is in a combat situation, he often irritates his opponent for no reason other than he thinks it is funny. This attitude makes it difficult for Jack to keep friends and stay focused on his goals (he is very distractible).

History: Jack was born to the brother of a little-known Defender of Keller City. At the age of ten, Jack was apprenticed to his uncle, after the previous apprentice was eaten by vampires. Jack completed his training at the age of 27, and was formally accepted as a Defender of Keller City. However, Jack couldn’t really fit in with everyone else, because he lacked any sort of passion for the job, and was often found shirking his duty. So, Jack was sent away from Keller with a stern suggestion to “fix his attitude”. Jack, of course, thought of it as a really long vacation and completely forgot about his “quest”. Five years later, Jack entered into the Tournament.

Initial Grid: Star Power

The Airbender sphere is in the upper most socket, Adept is in the next socket (following the arrow), Black mage is in the next, followed by an empty socket, and then the Chemist sphere takes the last socket.

Forms : Airbender, Adept, Black Mage, Chemist (Copper)

Username: Eerongal

Contact: AIM: Eerongal sorion

Character Name: Eerongal

Age: 40

Gender: Male

Hometown: A small village just outside of Suspension Point

Marital Status: Widower

Appearance: A tall, sturdy man with silver-grey hair pulled back into a pony tail. Wearing brown trousers, heavy boots, and a simple brown shirt underneath his bright whit breastplate. White, thick pauldrons attach his white cape adorned with a red lion. Also wearing white rebrace and heavy gauntlets. A sturdy kite shield is attached to his back, and a heavy warhammer swaying at his side. His spheremount is displayed prominently in the center of his breast plate.

Personality: A relatively quiet, solemn man who prefers deep planning to quick thought. Feels the need to protect those who cannot protect themselves, and as a general rule is suspicious of those in command. Avoids any particular affiliation with any city or settlement.

History: In his youth, lived and worked on his father's farm. Married at a young age, in his early 20's he lost his wife to bandits raids. In light of this, he led the small village in a revolt against the badits that left it shattered. Afterwards, he joined the military of lake city, where he first obtained his spheres and showing the promise of a great commander, rose quickly in rank. That is until one faithful day when he lost all those under his command due to a traitor among his superiors. Since then he has quit the military and vowed never to lead again, and instead wanders out to help the weak and downtrodden to attone for his failures.

Initial Grid: Glorious Sunburst

Forms: Champion, Tactician

Username: cuaiir

Contact: PM, or [email protected]

Character Name:Jay'el H'Ka (goes by Jay'el, Jay, JL)

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Hometown: Suspension Point

Marital Status: Single, and intending to stay that way

Appearance: 5'11", chestnut brown hair, brown eyes that either turn black or gain flecks of green when his emotions are intense. Average build. Always carries a pair of daggers. Typically dresses in desert appropriate wear: all skin, except that around his eyes, covered - very similar to that of a Desert Shaman. Wears a mantle that he earned from a Machine Desert tribe for finding them water, which he uses to hide his Spheremount. Has two golden armbands he wears around his upper arms, under his clothes, and a gold torc that appears around his neck whenever he is in a Form (more on that in a second)

Personality: Jay'el has always been curious. He's quick to see fun in things others wouldn't find entertaining, but he is also very much a realist. He often looks at certain things and wonders how they work, and then investigates until he finds an answer. He is easily distracted, but if he has a mission, it comes first before anything else. He doesn't enjoy fighting, but he will if there's no other option. Jay'el talks to himself a lot, trying to work out some of the situations he finds himself in.

History: Jay'el was born to a family of fishmongers in Suspension Point. He's the youngest son, with two older brothers, three older sisters, and one younger sister. The brothers will end up taking over the family business, the first two daughters got married for familial connections, and the third sister joined the city patrol and taught JL and his youngest sister to use knives in self-defense.

  His curiosity got the better of him one day, and he approached one of Suspension Point's Defenders, asking about how Spheremorphs did what they do. The Morpher told him in terse tones that ancient technology made Spheremorphs possible, and that set Jay'el's mind wondering: could I become one of these majestic beings? How do they really work? Can I make one? That became his ultimate goal: make a Spheremount, Morphing Grid, and Formsphere equal to those the ancients left behind. Once he had the means, he struck out for Desert's Edge, hoping to gain work in one of their archeological expeditions. With his passionate mind and insatiable curiosity, he was hired practically on the spot.

  While out on a dig, Jay came across an old vase sealed with a piece of unusual metal, a Spheremount. JL was supposed to report any strange finds, but this, this was something else. Jay'el hid the vase until nightfall, when he retrieved it and broke the seal. Inside the vase, set into the Spheremount, was a Morphing Grid. It looked similar to the Womb of Mist that the old Defender in Suspension Point used, but wrong somehow. Inside the vase itself was a wealth of gems, and two golden armbands. As he sifted through more money than he'd seen his life, four Formspheres eventually became apparent. Working off the assumption that the Morphing Grid was like the Womb, Jay'el figured that only one type of Sphere would fit in the central space. Through trial and error, one eventually did. The others got set in the remaining slots, and Jay'el pocketed a few of the more precious gems and put the armbands around his biceps. He set off that night, trying to find a place where he could study the ancient device in solitude. His mind latched onto an idea: the Electric Oasis. If he could reach the central monolith, no one would be able to disturb him. And so he set off into the night.

  At the time the game starts, he's had his Mount for approximately a year, and is still no closer to understanding its mysteries. He's discovered some of the limitations of his Forms, and used them to help the nomadic tribes of the Machine Desert, always traveling closer to the Electric Oasis.

Initial Grid: Cradle of Chemistry

Forms: Gold Chemist, Engineer, Gunner, Shaman


Contact: PM is fine, let me know if you need more specific information.

Character Name: River

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Hometown: Riverheart

Marital Status: Betrothed and Betrayed

Appearance: River has pale blond hair, light skin, and a handsome face. His smile is charming and easy, but never reaches his ice-blue eyes. He has the slim but light frame, from his pampered life as a Riverheart noble. His practice with his sphere abilities has built some muscle on him, but he remains lean and toned rather than bulky. His fingers are long, thin and adept: the hands of a thief, and what he lacks in strength, he makes up for in reaction time. His basic clothing consists of a variety of fashionable but nonrestrictive outfits typical of Riverheart nobility (this could be made more specific, but I didn't want to step on anyone's toes). He wears his Spheremount either on a special brace on his left arm, or at his side attached to his belt (do the Spheremounts have to be a constant size? Because I am having trouble imaging a grape fruit sized sphere attached to clothing, especially since all of my classes have very little or no armour).


River is cold, sarcastic, with a very morbid sense of humour. Though he is incredibly vain, he is not hung up on questions of pride and honour like many nobles are. Selfish and uncaring, he goes through life pursuing his own goals, and getting rid of anyone who tries to get in his way. Despite his cold exterior, there is a good man deep inside River, but that man has been locked away, as he can be hurt far to easily. River will not flinch from killing to get what he wants, and is good at what he does, but he will not kill indiscriminately unless it serves a purpose. Always putting practicality above sentimentality, River rarely wastes time or money on frivolities, unless it pertains to fashion or his appearance. One of his greatest strengths is his wit, but that can both lead him to advantage, and get him into a lot of trouble.


River was born as the pampered youngest child of one of Riverheart's prominent noble families. His eldest sister, Gervia was the heir, and would inherit the house title, but his middle sister, Armine, constantly conspired to usurp her. River was mostly left out of their machinations, as they were both quite a bit older than he. Gervia was nearly nine years his senior, and had more important things to worry about than her foolish younger brother. Armine didn't know how to react with him. On one hand, he had stolen from her the role of their House's Defender, but on the other, he had also freed her from a duty she had not relished, and left her free to conspire against her sister. For most of his childhood, she chose to ignore him, thinking that punishment enough, and focused her time on her sister. And so, for the first part of his life at least, River lived the life of an only child. A very wealthy only child.

Things however, were not to remain simple for long. When River reached his teens, he began training with his uncle in the use of the family Spheremount, so that he might take his position as a Defender of Riverheart. In other times, his training might have been done by the Defenders themselves upon his uncle's demise or retirement, but he had been born into uncertain times in Riverheart. With the merchant class more ambitious and powerful than ever, and the nobility clamouring against eachother to maintain what power they had within the city, many chose to educate their Defenders at home, to ensure their loyalty to the House.

His training could not have begun at a more ideal time for his sisters. Both had become young women at this time, and were prominent members of the courtly scene. The conflict between the two was also at it's height. From stealing lovers, to spreading gossip and sabotaging assignments, Gervia and Armine's struggle for power was one of the fiercest River had ever seen. And now they had a new player to use against eachother: their suddenly very powerful younger brother. They began to send him gifts and do favours with him, all while filling his ears with poison about the other, both hoping to curry his loyalty, and gain access to his extraordinary powers. Not knowing which side to choose, the young River tried his best to work on his own position, both as a member of a noble house, and as a Defender of Riverheart. As this situation continued, he became more and more self centered, and as he grew more skilled, arrogant in the power he wielded.

As River entered his early twenties, and his training was completed, his parents began to talk of securing an alliance through his marriage to another house, since their efforts to marry of their daughters had all ended in disaster (disasters that were, of course, caused by the other sister). And so, between his duties as a defender and responsibilities within his house, River was subjected to a variety of dates with the young women of Riverheart. His power had prestige had made him arrogant, and combined with his handsome face, many found his confidence attractive. However, no matter the girl, River never really found what he was looking for. Until he met Robyn.

Robyn was the young daughter of one of River's parents' rival noble houses. Though she was the youngest in her family, she had been born after her brother Arthur had began training, and so the family spheremount remained with him. A very talented Spheremorph (especially with his Paladin form, which was unequalled in Riverheart), Arthur was one of River's most formidable rivals within the Defenders. Many saw Arthur as a paragon of virtue within a city filled with lies and intrigue, but all River saw was a dumb, self-righteous brute, whose skewed sense of idealism caused him to do foolish things, all for the sake of virtue or honour.

While he hated the brother, Robyn was another story. While she shared her brother's moral code, Robyn had a more realistic view of the world, and often responded with questions or explanation, rather than harsh judgements. While she was beautiful and intelligent, what attracted River most was her formidable will and ability to see things from every side. While she did not condemn him for his vanity or the intrigues of his family, but she also did not let him delude himself by justifying his actions with faulty logic. She had a way of getting even the most defensive of people to let their guards down and listen to her perspective. She opened his formerly narrow and focused view of the world, and taught him to see from other peoples perspectives, and River began to love her for it. Despite being enemies, as River's father passed away, his sisters both agreed to betroth him to Robyn, in hope of gaining a powerful ally in Robyn's house, and to gain more favour with River. Robyn worked her magic as well, and soon brought her parents to agree.

Arthur was not happy, to say the least. Because of his sisters' feud, River's family had become one of the most corrupt in Riverheart: full of plotters and schemers, and had covert dealings with many of the the prominent crime syndicates in the city. And Arthur took River's arrogance, sarcasm, and self-centeredness as a clear indication of his own corruption, and would not allow his little sister to be corrupted as well. He made it his personal mission to expose the corruption of River's family, and bring them down. Robyn, completely unaware of her beloved brother's plans, was the one who eventually gave him the key to River's undoing, in the form of information River had shared with her in confidence.

With his evidence firmly in place, Arthur led a force of Defenders, and common soldiers from all the other noble houses, and mercenaries hired by the merchants to bring River's family to justice. They attacked at the perfect moment, for the house was already divided by the sisters' conflict, following the death of their Lord father. Going against his duty to the city, River chose to fight with his house, and ended up squaring off against Arthur himself. The battle between the two was furious, and, with both combatants shifting through form after form in the hopes of besting the other.

In the end, it came to a stalemate between Arthur's strength and prowess and River's smarts and skill. Hoping to find a chink in his proud adversary's armour, River decided to try to get to the bottom of things.

“And how did you garner your evidence, Defender Arthur? I know my sisters, they both know how to cover their tracks. Did you bribe a servant, threaten an accomplice, hire a spy? You may see the end as justified, but you and I both know you don't believe the ends justify the means. So which of your high and mighty principles did you have to break?”

Arthur laughed as he tried once again to corner River. In his Sympathist form, River had little physical power, and he knew if Arthur managed to corner him, he be slashed through with that sword in moments. “I am blameless, decadent one. My evidence came from my sister's testimony. Though you undoubtedly tried, Robyn has remained uncorrupted by your sinful ways. Because of her actions, I shall bring justice to your house, and purge the evils your family has created from our fair city.”

River didn't know what to say. Robyn had betrayed him? But why? She had loved him, hadn't she? How could she turn against him this way? Could her dense brother understand her wry wit, or her intelligent conversation? Could he comprehend her depth and ability to understand others? Why would she choose him over the man she had loved?

There was only one answer, and River felt his heart break as he came to the realization. She had played him. She herself. Arthur was not smart enough to think of, or unscrupulous enough to condone manipulation of this kind. Robyn had played him from the beginning, getting to know him, entering his state of mind, and figuring out which face would be the most likely to gain his trust. Even Arthur, her gallant brother, was a mere pawn in the scheme to bring down the house of her enemies. It was a plot so ingenious, it put the manipulations of River's scheming sister's to shame. She had played River for a fool. And he did not like it one bit. Robyn, of course, had done no such thing, and would never have guessed her brother would use what she told him to destroy the man she loved. In that moment, however, not understanding the trust and love that could be shared between siblings, River was certain he had been betrayed.

“I'll show you how virtuous your little sister is,” he growled, “right before I slit both of your pretty little throats.”

Using attacks from all his forms, as quickly as his grid would allow him to transform, River managed to wound Arthur. Before he could go for the kill, however, the rest of Arthur's force arrived, having finished off or apprehended the rest of River's house. Allowing his cold sense of reason to overpower his bloodlust, River used Arthur as a human shield, and managed to escape.

In the years since, River has become a free agent, looking out only for himself. He stopped thinking of the morality of his actions, as those thoughts only led back to the betrayal of Robyn. The person she had fallen in love with, the kind, intelligent man behind the mask of arrogance and vanity was locked away, and River became more contemptuous and cruel than ever, and his heart as grown as icy as his eyes. Now, River travels the world, in search of wealth and items of power, concerned only with increasing his own power and prestige. Whispers of a Spheremorph tournament have reached him, and River has begun investigations, wondering how such a tournament might fit into his schemes.

Initial Grid:Womb of Mist: The Bronze Misting Sphere takes the centre slot, the Necromancer the top slot, and Water Bender and Sympathist go to either side of the Necromancer.

Forms: Bronze Misting, Water Bender, Necromancer, Sympathist.

Username: The Frostbourne

Contact: [email protected] (best to just PM me, though)

Character Name: Heraldo Fernandez Bourguois III. Always asks (read: politely demands) to be called Top.

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Hometown: Cierre-Leon - Tucked away on in a secluded valley in the South East part of the world, this town, which is more of a large, fort-like manor, is the ancestral home of the Borguois family. The place is well-defended for such a small manor out of necessity; it rests in an unfriendly part of the world, and the only nearby settlement of any size is the Frozen Foothills, and the Borguois would never turn to barbarians for protection. They believe that the Foothillers(?) Are enroaching upon their lands. Thus, they usually have three SphereMorphers at any time, all members of the Borguois line. Due to their history of victory against dangerous monsters, they have developed a firm tradition of giving every Borguois a SphereMount. No Borguois goes without, though the older members will often have to give up the theirs to be used by the younger generation.

Their current Patriarch, Duke Fernandez Borguois II, hopes to expand the family's influence throughout the world.

Marital Status: Ex-Engaged (unofficial)

Appearance: Top is tall, but not extraordinarily so; His eyes are green, but not piercingly so; his hair is blonde, but not brightly so; his clothes are unique, but not outlandishly so. In other words, he is so ordinary-looking as to immediately stand out. Standing at 72", with light green eyes and light hair, Top nonetheless atteracts attention, much as he dislikes it. It could be the clothes he wears; the simple necklace he wears, along with the with dark, fitted pants, tooled leather boots, and a simple, yet well-fitting black turtleneck with a grey jacket worn over the top were unusual. Or, more likely, it's the SphereMount attached to the right hip of his pants, just below the belt he always wears. Or the crossbow, maybe that a little bit.

Personality: A calm man, Top puts up with most foolishness due to his raising (see History). To keep from accidentally offending others, he stays polite in most situations, and avoids being downright rude whenever possible. If he insults you, you know you've done something wrong. He speaks in the Third Person to help control his emotions while in Baseline, since he doesn't have the advantage of his Zinc Blessing. His outfit and living habits, though, suggest a deep order and cleanliness in him which can't be learned; he tries not to let it show. He does crack occasional zingers. Sometimes they're even funny.

History: As he got older, Heraldo would be called a failure, a reject. Today, his parents, the Duke and Dutchess of grand Cierre-Leon, Dutchess Florette and Duke Fernandez Borguois II, called him Heir.

Years later, Heraldo would realize that heirs seem to be good at one thing above all else: disappointing their parents. They lived with the discovery that he was left-handed, to the fact that they couldn't teach him to get indignant or irritated no matter how hard they tried, even refusing to be called by his given name, instead responding only to "Top". This all ended with his rejection from another tutor. His only reason had been that the tutor had been "biased." This was the last straw. They gave him a gift. A SphereMount to call his own. He got excited, went out to test it; his parent's hired goons struck, and Top woke up hours later, quite literally in the middle of nowhere, with no idea of how to get back, and no proof of who he was. In the 8 years since then, he has learned things his parents could never teach him; he has learned how to Surive and Endure.

And he met... her. She came into his life from nowhere, told him how to find his way from the wilderness and small villiges he had been trapped in. She travelled with him, towards that destination, her speaking of the great libraries. They began to talk of knowledge, of monsters, philosophies, Sheres. She, of all those he had kown, accepted his ideas, liistened to his theories. Even helped solidify them. They talked, they walked - they fell in love. Standing on a clifftop, with the final destination on the horizon beneath a glowinng full moon, Top proposed, after only eight days. By the time eight hours had gone by, she was dead. And so Top came into town, numb with loss, looking for a distraction that would not remind him of her. He found much more than that. He found the Tournament.

Initial Grid: Affected Triplicate (Main Form: Kandra; leaving his Spikes and Blessing intact, though with reduced effectiveness)

Forms: Kandra (Zinc), Armored Knight, Ice Warden

Edited by Silus - Shard of Flame
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Role-Play Samples:

These are the RP Samples that you put in your Applications.  These have their own post because they really eat up the character limit for posts.


The Droid's utility laser sliced a frown in Ambro's Silk armor, leaving the smell of charred flesh and silk.  Face held in composure, Ambro drew the First Tone Acid.

I must strike the Droid with my hand before striking with the knife.


"Left Hand challenge complete...as if it meant something."


First Tone left its mark upon the droid's exterior power supply.  The droid let loose a cloud of static as if it was aware of its own mortality...and died.

Ambrosius looked up to find the square deserted.  "Don't you just feel the Family Loyalty.  This town is dead, Storming family..."  With a nod to himself, Ambro picked up the pack of food and his Spheremount that were now his only possessions.  "Perhaps they forgot...not likely."  There was a chuckle, a sigh, then fading footsteps.

Walking along the dirt path to bridge town, Ambrosius spied several figures approaching from his right.

Humanoid at least.  most-likely bandits, hopefully not meta-human but can't be sure.  Ambro began transitioning to Atium Misting.  The charge of energy ran throughout his body, but most especially around his eyes, building in strength until...blink. It was done. The atium-shadows were there even as the rather large group of humans surrounded him.

Not meta-humans at least, but suspicious.

"Ahh, he's got nuthin' on 'im."

"You got sum' disees or sumfing' orar you even human?"

Bandits.  Easily dealt with.

"Hey, you weesa talkin to ya, gimme that shiny disk you got'der and we no kill you."  The apparent leader spoke up over the babble of the bandits.  Ambro smiled, but not of humor or anticipation.

Don't cause direct wounding until the last bandit.

Ambro jumped to the left, narrowly missing the swung club as it slammed into his recently vacated location.  The bandits drew their weapons, many clubs and one or two rusty daggers, with the leader pulling out a small black sparking shape.

Ambro frowned, thinking.

What is that?

He sidestepped pushing a bandit into the knife of another.  A couple broken heads, some chopped off hands, and three more stabbings later (all through friendly fire) and the bandits began to hesitate, several turned and ran.  The leader, who was hanging back the entire time, grabbed one and hit the mook with the object.  The pitiful bandit screamed and dropped, twitching, to the ground.  However, even this fearful punishment wasn't enough to keep the remaining bandits here.  The battered bandits fled, leaving their supposed leader behind.

"Cowards...dogs!  Git back heer!" shouted the red-faced leader.

Ambro felt cold as the charge left him, taking the form of silk armor.  The Second Tone sonic, in hand.  Ambro walked up to the last foe.  Turning, the leader saw only a keening knife plunge into his chest.  Wiping off the blood, Ambrosius picked up the Tech.

Perhaps I can sell it, or use it.

Ambrosius gazed in the direction of Bridgetown.

Not much use for farmers though.

With a shrug, and barely a glance at the bodies, Ambro continued.

Jack McKinney

The Dock-master was red-faced. He really needed to calm down; shouting like he was doing right now can’t be good for him. Jack smiled serenely at him, not really listening.

“…and that’s why this boat CANNOT be put here! Are you even LISTENING to me!?”

Jack refocuses his attention, “I’m sorry…what?”

The Dock-master throws up his arms in disgust, “just move the STORMIN’ BOAT!”

Jack nods then kicks the boat away from the dock; it begins to drift away with the current, taking out a couple of other boats in the process. Veins popping on his forehead, the dock-master, stands silenet in irritation.

Jack laughs, “Oops,” then shifts to his Airbender form.

Winds whip his clothes around, as Jack slides his left foot out, while making a hugging motion with his right arm. Almost immediately, a sharp wind picks up and pushes all the boats, including the previously illegally docked boat, towards the shore. Turning to the dock-master, Jack speaks, “There. All fixed!”

The dock-master just shakes his head and leaves. A short time later, a man walks up to Jack.

”Excuse me, but where is my boat?”

Jack indicates the pile of boats, “Over there!” Jacks cheery voice is piercing.

“What did you do with it!?” The man runs to his boat, buried under several other boats.

“Well, you didn’t say that I had to keep it safe, you just said watch it.”

The man’s turns to Jack, “You’re dismissed. Leave. Now.”

Jack smiles, shrugs, and walks away.

Now, how do I get to this tournament…


Thudding down heavily into his seat, Eerongal orders a stiff drink from the server with a sigh. Halfway through considering to himself about what to do next, sounds from the back of the bar catch his attention. Turning to the noise, he notices the patrons of the establisment shying away and purposely averting their gaze as two young toughs are impressing their will upon a young man.

Climbing to his feet, he makes his way towards the back of the bar all the while catching the worried gaze of the regulars. A few get to their feet and start working their way to the door. Stopping a few feet shy of the scuffle, Eerongal states in a bold voice, "Excuse me, but I would prefer that you stop that."

"Whot di' yew say, pops?" Said the tough on the right, turning with an angry look in his eye.

Pulling his cape away to reveal the heavy set hammer at his waist, he replies, "I said, i would like you leave this poor young man alone."

Eyeing the Ornately carved hammer, and catching sight of the sphere grid inlaid in the armor on his chest, the bulky man steps back and motions to his companion. Gazing at each other warily, the two youths step back and make hasty excuses before heading towards the exit.

Jay'el H'Ka

  well, here goes nothing.

  Jay'el had had the Mount for three days now. He was running out of food. More importantly, his waterskins were empty. It had been a rough walk from the dig site, with a few Pest-sized monsters bothering him here and there, but nothing his self-defense training hadn't been able to handle. He'd been hoping to find a safe place to try out the Mount, but an opportunity hadn't yet presented itself. So, driven to desperation, Jay'el hoped that the Grid, with its four Spheres, would help him either to find water or be able to survive without it until he could find some.

  He started the sequence that would change his form, and twenty seconds later he looked down at himself.

  Oh. Gunner. I'd hoped that the ancients would have had different Forms than we use today, Jay'el thought. He started the shift again, this time moving to the next sphere in the Grid. Jay was still inspecting his Form when he noticed the gold collar around his neck. Oh hello. You don't usually come with a Gunner, Just then, his Form shifted again.

  Hmm, Engineer. Still not unusual. But the collar stayed. Grid ability, maybe? What can it do? Something in his mind reached toward the gold around his neck, and put something in there. Ah. Chemist. Gold stores health, if I remember right. Could be useful.

  JL shifted into the last Form, hoping that it would be something water related. well this is different. Looking down at himself, Jay'el didn't see any differences between this Form and his Baseline but something felt different. He checked his daggers, they were sharper than they had been. Looking through his pack, Jay found a small note written in an elegant but inhuman hand.

  Fire, Coldfire, and Finding are the most basic spells of the Wildmagic. Use them well, Shaman, Jay'el read. Finding. I should be able to use that to find water. Now how do I cast it?


I creep up to the silent town. Dusk has fallen, and though torches blaze within, the small village is draped in shadow. I shift into my necromancer form, and my work begins.

As I approach, I listen with my bronze, a warm well of power within my chest. My Womb of Mist grants me this power in any of my forms, and I burn the metal whenever my power is activated. The chances of meeting another Spheremorph in a town of this size is small, but I've met Freelancers in stranger places.

A lone sentry calls out in the night, asking who is there. I whisper a word, and am lost in the all consuming darkness. A town this small probably has all kinds of nightmares about monsters and other terrors of the night. Tonight I plan to make them come true.

Any sound my soft boots make now is muffled by my spell. The sentry is alone, with a torch and sword. It makes me want to laugh. A sword to fight the wicked, and a light to banish the darkness. Both are useless against me.

Another whispered word, expecting the sword to rust away inside its sheath, and another to make the wooden torch rot in the sentry's hand. When the lights go out, and weaponless, he will be easy pickings for my destructive touch. Then, once he's dead, his real work will begin.

Heraldo Fernandez Bourguois III aka Top

Top was not a quick man to anger. The creature in front of him had made him furious. One person. One, so far, of all the people he had ever met who had listened to his theories without laughing. One, who had agreed in the possibilities he saw. One, who hadn't rejected him. One friend. Until this monster came along and ended her. It roared, obviously not content with one. It wanted him, too. He roared right back.

"You want me?!"

He charged. She had been taken. She had not had a Spheremorph. The beast rushed to meat him, frenzied by the scent of blood so heavy in thee air. Tops met the creature with a roar of his own, shield meeting claw, mace meeting bone, with a shrp crack and a surprised screech. Mace met bone. Mace met bone. Mace met head. The thing collapsed, shaking softly, and mace met head again, to be certain. Top slumped to the ground beside it.

"Come and get me." It came out as a tiny, hoarse whisper.

He shook the carcass, looking for loot before the carrion eaters came. He took his hunting knife to it, savagely. He took a tooth, them hesitated. Somehow, her trinket had caught around a fang near the back of the thing's mouth. He reached, took it. He stumbled away, suddenly exhausted. The scavengers began to feed. Soon, none but bones were left. Monster bones, and human bones.

People often asked about the fang around Top's neck, and the small, plain stone that hung next to it. Top's answer was always simple.

"It's a memory."

The memory of the happiest time of his life. Eight days of freedom. Eight days of love, followed by a single moment of catastrophe.

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Additional Forms will be added as you create them.  Anyone can draw from this list, so keep that in mind when making new Forms.


The Warrior wears heavy leather clothing and light armor, carries a large sword and gives boosts to strength and stamina.  Can channel his sword strength into strikes with attached elemental damage or temporary disabilities.  This Form is geared toward beating a foe down and keeping him there.

-Elemental Blade (a sword strike with an elemental flavor to it, element of attack is determined by user)

-Disable Blade (inflicts one of several conditions on victim including Blind, Poison, Sleep, Stun, Slow, Confuse, Mute [disables magic], and Zombie [causes victim to be damaged by white magic and other healing techniques other than those specifically designed to counter the condition], condition inflicted is determined by user)

-Enhanced strength^, agility^, durability^, stamina^

Has no long range capabilities or specific resistances.  Very limited magical resources, forcing them to use their combat powers sparingly.

Basic Form


Unlike the warrior, the tactician uses a more modestly sized sword, representing his role as more of a guiding hand than one who charges to the front line. The tactician is one who others on the battlefield look to for guidance. A tactician is able to notice weaknesses in his enemy and strike decisively to shut down a fight as soon as possible. In addition to the ability of a warrior, the tactician provides a circumstantial bonus to the fighting ability of allies who can see and hear him, as well as boosting their strength and stamina. The tactician always seems to have a considering look on his face, and appears dressed in the garb of one who has attained at least more military rank than your average grunt.

Form Abilities:-Elemental Blade (a sword strike with an elemental flavor to it, element of attack is determined by user)

-Disable Blade (inflicts one of several conditions on victim including Blind, Poison, Sleep, Stun, Slow, Confuse, Mute [disables magic], and Zombie [causes victim to be damaged by white magic and other healing techniques other than those specifically designed to counter the condition], condition inflicted is determined by user)

-Enhanced Ally's strength^, agility^, durability^, stamina^ within 10 feet.

-Quick thought (A tactician has the ability to come up with fairly elaborate plans on the fly)

Form Weaknesses: The blade abilities are comparatively weaker than that of the base form warrior. Also suffers from decreased strength and stamina, making the tactician less ideal for the front lines.

Form Speciation: Warrior -> Tactician


The Gunner wears lightweight clothes with a stylistic flair, carries dual pistols, and gives bonuses to hand eye coordination and speed.  This Form focuses on dishing out rapid shots in a short time to either a single target or as many targets as possible while bypassing certain defenses.  These may not do a lot of damage, but that's why there's a lot of them.

-Rapid Shot

-Aim (boosts accuracy)

-Multi Target

-Charge Shot

-Precision Shot (gets pass defenses by finding and exploiting weaknesses)

-Increased speed^, hand-eye coordination^, accuracy^

Low durability and stamina and no built in melee abilities.

Basic Form


Wears thin, formfitting clothes for maximum maneuverability.  Carries a pair of knives while giving boosts to reflexes and precision.  This Form's strength is in taking advantage of small, specific weaknesses to trip up enemies while robbing them silly rather applying any sort of force.


-Borrowed Time (places victim in stasis for several moments, contact necessary)

-Trip Up

-Scan (analyzes enemy to detect abilities and weaknesses, success determined by enemy resistance)

-Increased agility^, speed^, reflexes^

Low stamina and strength, no long range abilities.

Basic Form

Black Mage

A large brimmed pointed hat, robe and a short staff are donned by one who uses the Black Mage Formsphere.  Bonuses to magical power and resistance are given, which amplifies the variety elemental spells that they wield and can cast fairly quickly.

-Spell (Low level elemental spell)

-Spellra (Medium level elemental spell)

-Spellga (High level elemental spell)

-Disable Spell (Inflicts a disability like the Warrior's Disable Blade)

-Increased magic power^, magic resistance^

Fragile, no close range abilities.

Basic Form

White Mage

White Mages wear white, hooded robes trimmed with red and carry a short staff.  They are THE person to go to when in pain.  Note that this form CANNOT bring back the dead.


-Cure (removes artificially inflicted disabilities)

-Revive (revives an unconscious person character)

-Increased magic power^, magic resistance^

Fragile, no inherent offensive capabilities.

Basic Form


This is a special type of mage.  Rather than casting spells, they put their resources into bringing special creatures, or summons, into battle.  Summons come in many shapes and forms, but most are extremely useful.  Any summoning Form is a speciation of this Form.  They wear long, billowing, ornate robes and carry a wide range of materials and devices for summoning.  They can use most types of summoning magic and tech but only on a basic level.


-Magic drain resistance^

Vulnerable to all damage, no abilities other than to summon.

Basic Form


A jack of all trades between technology manipulating powers, telekinetic biotics and a variety of high tech firearms.  Wears energized full body armor.

-Submachine Gun

-Heavy Pistol

-Overload (see Engineer)

-Pull (See Adept)

-Energized Armor^ (excellent [but breakable] protection from projectiles and limited protection against melee attacks, recharges after a short time if destroyed)

-Above average accuracy^

Extremely limited at close range, vulnerable to magic.

Basic Form


This evolution of the Spectre Form focuses to become an expert with firearms.  This is traded for the Spectre's initial abilities in tech and biotics.  Soldiers solve their problems through sheer firepower.

-Submachine Gun

-Heavy Pistol


-Sniper Rifle

-Assault Rifle

-Incendiary Ammo (applied to a firearm to make their shots of the fire element and wear down armor)

-Cryo Ammo (applied to a firearm to make their shots of the ice element and can snap freeze an enemy for a few seconds)

-Disruptor Ammo (applied to a firearm to make their shots of the lightning element, disrupts tech based shields like those worn by Forms of the Spectre family)

-Concussive Shot (a high impact projectile that is very loud and bright)

-Adrenaline Burst (super boosts your reflexes for a few seconds, making time seem to slow down, gives a boost to gunfire damage)

-Energized Armor^ (excellent [but breakable] protection from projectiles and limited protection against melee attacks, recharges after a short time if destroyed)

-High accuracy^

-Limited at close range (countered by shotgun), vulnerable to magic.



Adepts are masters of biotic techniques, special telekinetic abilities revolving around the manipulation of mass effect fields.  While Adepts lack the raw firepower of a Soldier or the precision of an Engineer, none can match them for the ability to take on many foes simultaneously.

-Submachine Gun

-Heavy Pistol

-Pull (levitates enemies, suspending them as if in zero gravity flinging them somewhat)

-Throw (launches an enemy forcefully backwards through the air)

-Warp (reduces armor, shields and barriers and deals decent damage)

-Singularity (a remotely set trap that suspends multiple nearby enemies like Pull and draws them back toward the trap)

-Shockwave (creates a line of concussive blasts extending in front of the user)

-Energized Armor^ (excellent [but breakable] protection from projectiles and limited protection against melee attacks, recharges after a short time if destroyed)

-Above average accuracy^

Extremely limited at close range, vulnerable to magic.



Focusing on the technology manipulation aspect of the Spectre, the Engineer strips away enemy defenses, leaving them vulnerable for further attacks.  Overall, the Engineer may not have the wide area biotics or guns that their Adept and Soldier cousins, but they are extremely tactical in their fighting and the absolute go-to for precision strikes.  No one is better at taking out and generally running circles around electrical foes.

-Submachine Gun

-Heavy Pistol

-Overload (an electrical blast for taking out energy shields like those used by Spectre based Forms or mechanical foes)

-Incinerate (a fiery attack for annulling armor)

-Cryo Blast (an icy power meant to momentarily snap freeze a foe)

-AI Hacking (allows the Engineer remote access to a Tech-based enemy, who then promptly turns against his former allies with an added shield boost that lasts as long as the hack)

-Combat Drone (seeks out enemies behind corners and walls and zaps them with a shot of electrical energy, the Combat Drone will explode if killed, damaging everything within 5 feet of its death)

-Energized Armor^ (excellent [but breakable] protection from projectiles and limited protection against melee attacks, recharges after a short time if destroyed)

-Above average accuracy^

-Extremely limited at close range, vulnerable to magic.



The Vanguard is a blend of the Adept and Soldier, drawing on weapons and biotics training for a unique flavor of combat.  Their Charge ability combined with their biotics and shotgun make for the only truly close range combatant of the Spectre group.

-Heavy Pistol

-Submachine Gun


-Incendiary Ammo

-Cryo Ammo



-Charge (creates a biotic field around the user for a spectacular dash over terrain gaps and through obstacles to collide with a distant foe or escape a treacherous situation)

-Energized Armor^ (excellent [but breakable] protection from projectiles and limited protection against melee attacks, recharges after a short time if destroyed)

-Above average accuracy^

Slightly limited at close range, vulnerable to magic.



Drawing on the Adept's Throw and Warp abilities and the Engineer's Overload and Cryo Blast techniques makes the Sentinel an extremely versatile Form.  These combined with the unique Tech Armor power, which gives your shields an enormous boost and gives off an enemy dispersing blast upon depletion, make for a guy who can own a battlefield when crossed.

-Heavy Pistol

-Submachine Gun




-Cryo Blast

-Tech Armor (gives your shields an enormous boost and gives off an enemy dispersing blast upon depletion)

-Energized Armor^ (excellent [but breakable] protection from projectiles and limited protection against melee attacks, recharges after a short time if destroyed)

-Above average accuracy^

Extremely limited at close range, vulnerable to magic.



The Infiltrator is a hands off combatant, picking off enemies not only from a safe distance, but also taking them completely unawares.  It is also good at manipulating and stripping down a foe and taking advantage of weaknesses, in preparation for that final shot.

-Heavy Pistol

-Submachine Gun

-Sniper Rifle

-AI Hacking


-Cryo Ammo

-Disruptor Ammo

-Tactical Cloak (makes the user temporarily invisible)

-Energized Armor^ (excellent [but breakable] protection from projectiles and limited protection against melee attacks, recharges after a short time if destroyed)

-Above average accuracy^

Extremely limited at close range, vulnerable to magic.



Mistings can ingest a type of metal in and can burn it to activate a certain power.  A certain amount of metal is bestowed on the Misting upon activating the Form, but cannot be replenished for at least six hours unless the user ingests the desired metal, thus making it profitable to keep these metals on their person.

Metals and their powers.  A Misting Formsphere uses ONE of these.

-Iron - Pulls metals toward the user.

-Steel - Pushes metals away from the user.

-Tin - Heightens senses.

-Pewter - Increases strength and balance and dulls pain.

-Zinc - Increases emotions in a person of the user's choosing.

-Brass - Diminishes emotions in a person of the user's choosing.

-Copper - Hides the use of abilities within a certain radius from those using detection abilities like...*

-Bronze - Detects abilities used nearby, whether they be magical, scientific, natural or technologically based.*

-Chromium - Immediately depletes the source of any foes abilities until they can be replenished.*

-Nicrosil - Supercharges the abilities of someone they are touching for a brief flash, expending all of that power's source until it can be replenished.*

-Aluminum - Flushes metals out of the user's system along with negative status effects such as poison or artificially induced blindness.*

-Duralumin - Supercharges any ability used in conjunction with Duralumin for a single brief flash, depleting the source of that ability's power until it can be replenished.*

-Cadmium - Allows the user to "pull" on time in a bubble around them, slowing it down, thus making it seem that everything outside the bubble is moving much faster.

-Bendalloy - Allows the user to "push" on time in a bubble around them, speeding it up, thus making it seem that everything outside the bubble is moving much more slowly.

-Gold - Allows the user to see an alternate version of themselves, calling on an another of their Forms to assist them.*

-Electrum - Allows the user to see their own immediate future, annulling an Atium Misting's effect on them and heightening their reflexes.

-Atium - Allows the user to see the immediate future and process the information for a dramatic increase in their battle effectiveness.

-Malatium - Allows the user to see an alternate version of another person, calling on that Form to assist them in battle.*

Relies on their metal sources, only one ability can make their application limited.

Basic Form


Wears a long cape made of many strips of semi-transparent cloth.  Combines the powers of every Misting type.

Relies on their metal sources, vulnerable to long range attacks and magic.



Chemist's can store a certain aspect of themselves in a piece of metal, reducing it while storing, and tap into that stored ability at a later time.  The Form is already equipped with metals of the needed type.

What a Chemist can store in a type of metal.  A Chemist Formsphere uses ONE of these.

-Iron - Physical Weight

-Steel - Physical Speed

-Tin - Senses

-Pewter - Physical Strength

-Zinc - Mental Speed

-Brass - Physical Warmth, making the user immune to water and ice based attacks, storing it makes them immune to fire and lightning based attacks*

-Copper - Memories, allowing them to recreate any ability they have witnessed and have stored the memory of*

-Bronze - Wakefulness, making the user immune to inflicted effects such as blindness and poison*

-Gold - Physical Health

-Atium - Youth, allowing the user to replenish the source of their various abilities such as magical power and metals*

Relies on their metal sources, one ability makes their application limited.

Basic Form


Wears many metal accessories and a robe.  Combines the powers of every Chemist type.

Relies on their metal sources, vulnerable to magic or long ranged attacks.



Has the power to disguise themselves as different people, they also have two metal spikes embedded in their shoulders that give them abilities.

Metals and their abilities, a Kandra Formsphere will use ONE of these:

-Iron - Exceptional strength and stamina, comparable to a Warrior, though without the skill to use it properly without training^

-Tin - Enhanced senses^

-Zinc - Enhanced emotional fortitude, increasing resistance to magical damage^*

-Copper - Enhanced mental fortitude, increasing resistance to physical damage^*

Can be manipulated by someone exceptionally skilled with either the Zinc or Brass Misting types, can be disabled by removing either or both of the spikes in their shoulders.

Basic Form


Combines all of the Kandra abilities, minus the impersonation ability, but adds the abilities of the Iron, Steel, Copper and Bronze Misting types and the Iron, Steel, Zinc and Gold Chemist types.  Wears robes.  Has steel spikes instead of eyes and inserted into his back.

Relies on metal sources for Misting and Chemist abilities, removing any of its spikes can immediately disable them, can be controlled by one exceptionally strong with the Zinc or Brass Misting types, does not see conventionally, sensing metals with his Iron and Steel Misting powers to see.



The user's clothes change to soft, laced knee-high boots and the long cloth sheets wrapped around the body, the coloration and cut vary between each spheremorph. Three sheathes of long-knives on a belt wrap around the waist or arms of the spheremorph. This is a combat form, though the knives (called tones) can be applied to other situations.

Form abilities:

-Increased strength and healing factor, but not superhuman.

-It has silk armor that is highly resistant to many forms of damage such as electrical, cold and fire.

-First Tone is Acid

-Second Tone is Sonic

-Third Tone is Infection

Form weaknesses:

-Users gain a kind of immortality mentality when using the power, fatal injuries are still fatal.

-dropping or throwing the knife results in it fading away and appearing in it's sheathe.

-attempting to draw a second knife causes the first to fade away and appear in it's sheathe.

-The armor cannot entirely prevent injury

Basic Form

Melodic Bladesinger

The user's clothes change to soft, laced knee-high boots and the long cloth sheets wrapped around the body, the coloration and cut vary between each spheremorph. Six sheathes of long-knives on a belt wrap around the waist or arms of the spheremorph. This is a combat form, though the knives (called tones) can be applied to other situations.

Form Abilities:

-Knives can be thrown

-Increased strength^(this marks passive abilities) and healing factor^, but not superhuman.

-Silk armor resistant to electrical^, cold^ or fire elemental damage^.

-First tone is Pain

-Second tone is the dominant aspect of the user's personality; e.g. a quiet person would get Silence as the Tone while a lustful person would get Charm.

-Third Tone is Damnation; it inflicts damage directly to the victim's soul

Form Weaknesses:

-User's gain a kind of immortality mentality when using the power; however, this is all in their heads.   fatal injuries are still fatal.

-Damage dealt by the Third Tone is also dealt to the user.

- The armor cannot entirely prevent injury

Bladesinger->Melodic Bladesinger


The clothing of the smokebraider consists of simple leather tunic and leggings.  The Tunic is covered with pockets filled with many sweet smelling powders and incense sticks.  A cloth belt wraps around the waist with a small pouch containing matches.  Wields a tall, thin, purple colored candle.  When held, the candle creates a large cloud of white smoke that extends outward 15 meters.  The smoke actively attempts to enter the nose and mouth of anyone within that radius except for the candle-holder, which it avoids.

Form abilities:

-It creates illusions based on a general image supplied by the one who holds the candle's thoughts such as a wild animal or dangerous criminal or blank spot.

-It causes nausea in anyone who breathes the fumes.

Form weaknesses:

-details of the hallucination cannot be specified

-only affects biological beings

-dropping or losing the candle ends the effect

Basic Form

Smoke Twist

The clothing of the Smoketwister consists of simple leather tunic and leggings.  The Tunic is covered with pockets filled with many sweet smelling powders and incense sticks.  A cloth belt wraps around the waist with a small pouch containing matches.

Wields a tall, thin, purple colored candle.  When held, the candle creates a large cloud of white smoke that extends outward 15 meters.  The smoke actively attempts to enter the nose and mouth of anyone within that radius except for the candle-holder, which it avoids.

Form abilities:

-the smoke congeals into a solid form upon the mental command of the candle-holder; this causes the victim to asphyxiate until unconsciousness.

Form weaknesses:

-this form cannot kill, once the target is unconscious, the smoke fades from their lungs.

-this form only affects biological beings

-dropping or losing the candle ends the effect

Smoke Braider->Smoke Twist


The paladin appears like a valiant warrior in a steel breasplate, and seems to give off a faint light when viewed from the right angle. The radiant loses the special sword techniques of the warrior, and in its place gains a variety of holy-powered martial abilities.

Form Abilities: Touch of healing - The touch of healing allows a radiant to heal wounds on the touched individual, however, takes a toll on the paladin himself. When a radiant uses this, he immediately takes a wound similar to the ones healed, but about half in severity. As such, healing a truly mortal wound with this ability will cause the radiant to require several weeks of bed rest and plenty to eat.

Holy strike - By calling down the powers of the light, the radiant empowers a single attack against his foe. This strike deals holy damage.

judgement - By calling down the judgement of any deity, power, or cause the radiant follows, he may attempt to magically blind, deafen, bind, or mute any one person or creature within 5 feet who actively opposes that power.

last stand - By drawing in more powers of light than should be held by any mortal, the radiant can turn himself into a near-divine being. For a period of 5 minutes, the radiant gains greatly increased strength, stamina, durability, and agility, and every strike of his counts as if he has used his holy strike ability. After the time period for this ability expires, the radiant immediately falls to the ground unconcious and dying. If he does not receive any form of fast-acting healing (magical or otherwise) within 2 minutes, the radiant dies and his body crumbles to dust.

increased strength^

Form Weaknesses: Has no long range capabilities.  Due to their overzealousness and bravery, anytime a radiant initiates some sort of conflict he is unable to flee, and as such must continue to fight until he is either victorious (through the enemy's defeat or surrender) or until he is otherwise rendered unable to fight back.

Warrior -> Radiant


The champion  appears like a valiant knight clad in steel, and wears ornate armor of a burnished gold. Their Martial prowess receives a substantial increase, leading them to be a powerful opponent in one on one combat. The Champion uses a overly large, heavy set war hammer as his weapon.

Form Abilities:Holy strike - By calling down the powers of the light, the radiant empowers a single attack against his foe. This strike deals holy damage.

Lay on hands - By the mere act of laying his hands upon the wounded, sick and dying, the champion has the ability to heal wounds and cure diseases. This ability may only do one or the other, not both, at any given time. Doing this, however, takes a toll on the champion. Using this ability causes a temporary decrease to stamina that cannot be healed outside of resting. When used to cure wounds, this ability will close all wounds, mend bones, and otherwise reverse what ails you. When used to cure diseases, this ability can cure natural diseases, and inflicted statuses of a magical nature (such as blindness, or fatigue), but cannot cure equal statuses of a natural nature (natural blindness, fatigue from heavy work)

Ally protection - The champion is also very adept at protecting allies, allowing them to be able to spare their friends anguish by allowing the immediate transferal of wounds from any friends nearby (within 10 feet) to the champion. This can only be done at the moment the wound is received, and not afterwards.

increased strength^

increased stamina^

Form Weaknesses: Has no long range capabilities. Due to his overzealous bravado, The champion may freely flee or surrender from a fight, however, doing so causes the champion to suffer from decreased strength, agility, durability, and stamina for a period of one week, or until his next victory, whichever comes first. This weakness affects you regardless of what form you are currently in.

Warrior -> Radiant -> Champion


Code Geass (anime)

Activation of the Geass is visually represented by the manifestation of a bird-like red sigil on one or both of the spheremorph's eyes.  This Form is best suited for espionage, assassination, sabotage, and diplomatic missions.  This form does not change the spheremorph's physical or mental abilities.

Form Abilities:

-Limited mind control, spheremorph to plants commands within a person's mind through voice.

-Memory loss, either as a command to forget or as a side-effect to the Geass (see below).

Form Weaknesses:

-It only works on a specific person once, unless the effects of the Geass are removed.

-It requires direct eye contact, you need to see the whites of their eyes and you need to issue auditory commands and you need to maintain eye contact.

- You can't control large groups at once or through video.

-it doesn't work if the target can't understand you.

-The Target forgets the entire event after carrying out the commands.

-mirrored contact lenses or sunglasses block the Geass, but regular glass doesn't.

Basic Form


Mercedes Lackey and James Mallory's Obsidian & Enduring Flame Trilogies (book)

Both sorts of Wildmage start out as a Shaman, helping the people of the Nexus. Aside from the Spheremount and associated equipment, Shamans look no different from a normal person. They carry one or two extremely sharp daggers (per preference), and of course have sheathes for them.

-Fire starts a fire in combustible materials, acts like normal fire once summoned.

-Coldfire creates a wispy ball of blue light that reacts to the Shaman's will.

-Finding requires a few drops of the Shaman's blood to be burned as a reagent, incurs Mageprice

-Dagger proficiency^

Shamans aren't very durable, though they can do some serious damage with their daggers.

Basic Form

Shaman -> Knight-mage (tactics, battle powers, no spells gained), Shaman-> Wildmage (can cast any spell the GM will allow, plus Mageprice.)


Description: Has a variety of drawing implements, from colored pencils to crayons to markers. Cartoonists wouldn't be caught dead drawing anything in black and white. Also possesses a sketchbook which is as long as his off-side forearm (for right-handed folks, it's as long as your left arm). This fits comfortably in the Cartoonist's grip, between her off-hand and the elbow of the same arm, so he needs nothing to draw but his pencils/markers/crayons and sketchbook. Cartoonists are all about imagination, not reality.

Clothing: Cartoonists gain some way to carry their drawing implements so they can easily access them. This varies from Spheremorph to Spheremorph. Other than that, Cartoonists look very similar to Baseline.

Abilities: Cartoonists draw creatures, and from those drawings summons allies. A Cartoonist's imagination is her most potent weapon, especially when combined with her skill at drawing. Once a  drawing is signed and dated, the creature becomes real, crawling out of the page and emptying it for new drawings. The more detailed a creature, the stronger it is when summoned and vice versa. Size is also a factor: creatures which fill a sketchbook page will be larger than those that merely take up a corner, but no creature will exceed the size of a sketchbook page. Multiple creatures can be drawn on one page, but once signed and dated they all function as one unit (think Pokemon, Dugtrio or Magneton).

-Drawing Summon

-Quick Sketch

For an example of what would be the strongest creatures a Cartoonist could draw, see here: http://dft.ba/-pokerap

Weaknesses: Cartoonists can't see shading like normal people; they only see large differences in color, like a shift from red to orange. Because drawing a strong creature takes a while, Cartoonists typically don't get into direct confrontation without a lot of preparation. A typical Cartoonist will have at least three-score pre-drawn creatures in his sketchbook, just waiting for a signature. All coloration of creatures must stay within some kind of boundaries, and all boundaries must be filled, otherwise creatures won't summon, they'll just sit there, waiting to be completed. A Cartoonist can only summon of to five pages worth of monster, but most things can be taken care of with only one or two. If a Cartoonist draws a creature that exists in reality, then it will not be summoned once signed and dated, but will instead burn its outline onto that page of the sketchbook, rendering the page useless.

Form Speciation: Evolved. Summoner -> Cartoonist


Description: Has an array of different pencils, all black but varying in graphite hardness. Harder graphite makes sharper, lighter lines; softer graphite makes blurry, dark lines. Also possesses a sketchbook which is as long as his off-side forearm (for right-handed folks, it's as long as your left arm). This fits comfortably in the Scribbler's grip, between her off-hand and the elbow of the same arm, so he needs nothing to draw but his pencils and sketchbook. Also gains a pencil sharpener. For keeping pencils sharp.

Clothing: Loose shirt, arm warmers and fingerless gloves, stylish glasses. the longer a Spheremorph has a Scribbler Formsphere, the thicker the glasses get. A belt holds the pencil case and sharpener.

Abilities: The Scribbler is a master of the pencils. In the Scribbler's sketchbook, the world is captured: a Scribbler can draw a scene from life, completely accurately, and through his art alter it. This only affects the actual environment, never people or monsters. To affect a scene, a Scribbler must first capture it in his sketchbook in exacting detail. It must fill the page in the sketchbook, and encompass everything a Scribbler can see from a given point. Once the scene it captured, the Scribbler must sign it (either with a real signature or shorthand of some sort) and date it; it is only at this point that a Scribbler's powers really come into effect. Once signed and dated, the Scribbler can alter his artwork and those changes will be reflected in reality. A sketch can be prepared long in advance before it is used, but Scribblers must be wary: if their initial artwork isn't accurate, none of the changes they make will take hold. Add a door to a blank wall or remove a door from a wall, add flying daggers to a scene or remove the very ground from under his opponent's feet, all this is possible for a Scribbler. When signed and dated, Scribbler sketches begin to fade away from the page, until the page is clean of all graphite and ready to be used once more. Once a Scribbler has signed and dated a sketch, she has about five hours to make any changes before the picture is completely faded.

-Scene Capture

-Sketch Alteration

-Artistic Tone Sense^ (think Warbreaker, Third Heightening, but a Scribbler sees it all in greyscale)

Weaknesses: Scribblers are colorblind. They literally cannot see any variation in color beyond the black/white value. In addition, because of the way their abilities work, Scribblers need a lot of prep time before any sort of confrontation. Because they cannot alter people or monsters directly, Scribblers prefer to lay traps in their pictures and lure opponents into them. A typical Scribbler has hundreds of pictures in his sketchbook, unsigned and undated, of the area around his or her home base. Because of the exacting specifications that sketches must be drawn to, Scribblers also typically avoid drawing anything with the sky in it, since the sky is so mutable.

Form Speciation: Evolved. Summoner -> Cartoonist -> Scribbler


Leeches are an alternate evolution of Chemists, and can take their attribute from anyone. Benevolent Leeches take from those willing to give and give out their attribute to those in need, but too many Leeches are indiscriminate in who they rip power from.

Clothing: Leeches, like Chemists, gain some amount of metal in which to store their attribute. Other than that, they are very inconspicuous.

Abilities: Leeches can only store one attribute, but they store other people's attributes instead of their own. Leeches modulate how much they take from their target, either being kind and only depleting the target a little for a limited time or Ripping all of an attribute out of someone, leaving them without it for the rest of their natural lives. The trade-off is that Ripping power from a target doesn't grant the Leech as much power as taking it gently over a period of time would. Leeches can, and in some cases do, give out their stored attribute to others, but this is far from the norm.

-Iron - Physical Weight - Ripping: leaves the target weightless.

-Steel - Physical Speed - Ripping: leaves target stuck in one place, unable to move.

-Tin - Senses - Ripping: leaves the target blind, deaf, insensitive to touch, unable to smell, or unable to taste, depending on which attribute is being Ripped.

-Pewter - Physical Strength - Ripping: leaves the target with no muscle power at all, effectively frozen in place.

-Zinc - Mental Speed - Ripping: leaves the target unable to move beyond their current thought, effectively making someone a vegetable.

-Brass - Physical Warmth, tapping makes the user immune to water and ice based attacks, storing it makes them immune to fire and lightning based attacks - Ripping: makes the target immune to fire and lightning, but extremely vulnerable to water and ice. Drinking a glass of water is an excruciating act for someone Ripped by a Brass Leech.

-Copper - Memories, allowing them to recreate any ability they have witnessed and have stored the memory of - Ripping: leaves the target without any memory, unable to remember how to speak, what their name is, or who they are. Effectively makes a newborn out of an adult.

-Bronze - Wakefulness, making the user immune to inflicted effects such as blindness and poison - Ripping: leaves the target in a permanent state of sleep from which they are unable to wake.

-Gold - Physical Health - Ripping: kills the target. Painfully.

-Atium - Youth, allowing the user to replenish the source of their various abilities such as magical power and metals - Ripping: target ages as the power is Ripped from them, leaving them a withered husk that will die two hours after the Rip is completed.

Weaknesses: physical contact is a must for a Leech's abilities to work on others. Ripping an attribute does take some amount of time, usually a few seconds, as the Leech must start to store the attribute before taking it all away. Storing an attribute from a Spheremorph does not have the same effect as it does on a normal human; if an attribute is Ripped out of an in-Form Spheremorph, then that Form is depleted of the attribute for approximately six hours, but other Forms are unaffected. Attribute recovery can be sped up by spending time out of the depleted Form. If a Spheremorph is Leeched in Baseline, they can recover by shifting into a Form for a few hours. There is no Keeper-Leech Form for Leeches to evolve into. (it would just be way too strong.)

Chemist -> Leech


The sailor is usually garbed in a loose fitting shirt and breeches, either sandals or barefoot. However, some sailor forms also take on a harsh, militaristic formal dress style. Regardless of physical appearance, the sailor has a great knack for sailing.

Abilities: True North^ - A sailor always knows which direction is true north, even if he is otherwise disoriented or lost.

Navigator - A sailor rarely ever loses his way. Luckily, for times when he does, he is also an expert navigator. Using nothing more than a keen eye and the stars in the sky, a sailor can discern their approximate location and heading. This knowledge is based entirely off of what the sailor actually knows in terms of locations. In a totally unfamiliar area, the best that could be obtained through use of this ability is how many miles and to what direction from the nearest known location the sailor is. This ability requires a clear night sky to use.

Memorize map - A sailor only needs to barely a glimpse a map and has immediately committed to memory its contents.

Sea legs^ - A sailor is an expert when on any body of water. Simply being on any vessel that uses water as its mode of transportation gives the sailor increased dexterity^, stamina^, and strength^, and an almost infallible equilibrium. A sailor never stumbles, trips, falls, or has any trouble otherwise keeping himself upright and stable regardless of how violently the object he is standing on is rocking. Inclines greater than a 45 degree incline will still cause a sailor to lose his balance even with this ability.

Sea worthiness^ - A sailor is the master of operations on any sea-going vessel. As such, a sailor automatically knows how to operate, pilot, maintain, and use every facet of any sea-faring vehicle.

Form Weaknesses: Dry land. A sailor on try land loses all benefits of being a sailor except memorize map, navigator, and true north.



Unlike a sailor, a buccaneer is adapted to a life of pillaging, plunder, and pirating on the high seas. A buccaneer is usually dressed in gaudy colored baggy clothing and stout leather boots.


Sea legs^ - A Buccaneer is an expert when on any body of water. Simply being on any vessel that uses water as its mode of transportation gives the buccaneer increased dexterity, stamina, and strength, and an almost infallible equilibrium. A Buccaneer never stumbles, trips, falls, or has any trouble otherwise keeping himself upright and stable regardless of how violently the object he is standing on is rocking. Inclines greater than a 45 degree incline will still cause a sailor to lose his balance even with this ability. Unlike the sailor's version of this, the buccaneer retains this ability on dry land when going ashore for any form of pirate business as dictated by the ship's captain. They retain this ability until the job is completed (including any get away necessary) or a period of 2 weeks, whichever is shorter.

Two-timer^ - A buccaneer has grown adept at a certain fighting style. When using a pistol of some sort in one hand and any variety of sword in the other, the buccaneer gains increased accuracy with the pistol and increased reflexes with the sword when attacking or parrying. This ability applies on land or at sea, but the bonus is greater at sea.

Master Rigger^ - Anytime a buccaneer is tied, bound, or otherwise finds himself in bonds, he can escape from it as easily as if they weren't on him at all. Only specialized restraints are exempt from this. Conversely, any knot, rigging, hoop, loop, or bond made with rope by a buccaneer can only be undone by another buccaneer, exempting outright breaking the rope.

Drink like a demon - A buccaneer is also a master of having a good time. The capacity for drinking of a buccaneer is doubled what it was previously. Drinking also seems to have the curious effect of increasing his ability as well. Every drink adds a small portion of strength and stamina to the buccaneer for as long as the intoxication effect lasts. This ability applies at sea or on land.

Form Weaknesses: Dry land. Unlike the sailor, however, the buccaneer doesn't lose any abilities when on land (though any interactions with land particular to that ability remain in effect), but instead has the unfortunate affect of lowering the the buccaneer's strength and stamina as long as the buccaneer remains on land. Exemption: Any buccaneer going to land at behest of his captain for pirating business does not get this penalty for the entire duration that his "Sea legs" ability is active.

Sailor -> Buccaneer

Dread Pirate

A dread pirate is the epitome of what a buccaneer strives to become. Usually sporting any combination of a large beard, fancy coat, parrot, hook hand, peg leg, or eye patch a dread pirate is a sight to behold. Physically, a dread pirate seems to appear larger than he actually is and can easily strike fear or unease in those less accustomed to a dangerous man. Typically, a dread pirate owns his own seafaring vessel, though some may content his ownership due to the means it was obtained.


Sea legs^ - A dread pirate is an expert when on any body of water. Simply being on any vessel that uses water as its mode of transportation gives the dread pirate increased dexterity, stamina, and strength, and an almost infallible equilibrium. A dread pirate never stumbles, trips, falls, or has any trouble otherwise keeping himself upright and stable regardless of how violently the object he is standing on is rocking. Inclines greater than a 45 degree incline will still cause a sailor to lose his balance even with this ability. Unlike the sailor's version of this, the dread pirate retains this ability on dry land when going ashore for any form of pirate business. They retain this ability until the job is completed (including any get away necessary)

Swordplay^ - A dread pirate is master of swordsmanship. When engaged in a sword duel with an opponent, a dread pirate gets increased agility and dexterity. Because swordsmanship is prized among dread pirates, anyone who can best him in a duel can gain temporary amnesty among him and his crew, though the length of time and terms are subject to the pirate's unpredictable whims.

Bandoleer of pistols^ - A dread pirate never has a pistol far from his side. If the pirate chooses to carry with him several single-shot pistols, he gains a blinding speed of use of these pistols. Drawing and firing these pistols can be done all in one smooth almost quicker than the eye can see. If the pirate instead chooses to carry any sort of multi-shot pistol, his firing rate and reloading speed with the pistol is increased. The dread pirate may only have one of these abilities active at any given time, and switching it is instant and completely up to the dread pirate based upon what he has with him. He may only switch this ability from one to the other once per day.

Mighty Pirate^ - A dread pirate is a master of leading both buccaneers and sailors into battle. Any command given by a dread pirate can be heard by any buccaneer or sailor from his crew within 50 feet, regardless of background noise or distraction. Any commands being carried out by buccaneers and sailors from his crew gives them increased alertness, bravery, and strength. This includes commands passed down through an intermediary, as long as the command, action, and expected results are conveyed with the same meaning as though given from the dread pirate himself. This effect lasts until the order is carried out in full, or until the crew member mutinies and drops the command.

Buried treasure^ - A dread pirate generally keeps a stash of treasure hidden away. This could be buried anywhere known only to the pirate, kept in a keep or safe house on his own personal land, or even just kept spread amongst his bags and pockets kept on his person. Regardless, a dread pirate can specify a certain location to be his private stash of treasure. The location can be changed at any time and is done by the dread pirate merely deciding so. The only caveat with this is that the dread pirate has to be able to encounter no resistance on the premise of the location in order to choose it as a location (things set up between the pirate and his stash afterwards do not invalidate the location). The net value of the pirate's horde, regardless of what form the treasure takes, gives the dread pirate a boost to strength, stamina, durability and agility. This functions regardless of how far away the dread pirate is from his stash.

Weakness: Greed. A dread pirate is practically solely run by the ideal of greed. Resisting stealing things of value is difficult for a dread pirate, the force of which it can be protected is the only factor saving things of value from being stolen. This weakness applies to anyone who currently has a dread pirate formsphere in their spheremount regardless of what form they are in.

Sailor -> Buccaneer -> Dread Pirate

Arcane Mage

The Arcane Mage takes the dirty tricks and harshest spells of the Black Mage and runs with them. Their robe becomes a full blown cloak that shadows the face, and their eyes glow with menace and power. Their limbs are hidden under the cloak, leaving their actions to the darkest imaginings of their opponent. The pattern, cut and fabric of the cloak varies from Spheremorph to Spheremorph, but tends to be darker in color to exhibit the dark nature of their abilities. Their power is used through hand signs and gestures hidden by the cloak.


Shades of Black - Inflicts a random disability on the victim, anything from sleep to stasis to poison to death. Though the odds of having a specific effect is very low, especially death. Takes effect instantly.

Disable Spell

Ability Jammer - Temporarily disables a person's ability to use abilities. Requires skin to skin contact. The longer contact is maintained, the longer the victim is Jammed, at a rate of a minute for every five seconds.

Berserker Touch - Causes the victim to fly into a berserker rage, attacking anything nearby. Requires skin to skin contact. Lasts for sixty seconds.

Override Shift - Forces a Spheremorph to switch to a random Form. Must maintain skin to skin contact as long as it takes to effect the change, which is the normal shift time for that Spheremorph.

Weaknesses: No outright damage effects, relies on various effects to do anything. Fragile, attacks do more damage than expected.

Black Mage -> Arcane Mage

Death Note

"The human whose name is written in this Death Note shall die."

This is the first rule of the Death Note. A powerful artifact of black, unspeakable power. This Form carries more weight to it than any other, with every action it carries a finality. Because every action it takes is final. This Form wears a fitted suit, usually black, in varying styles, with or without a tie.

The abilities of the Death Note Form follow these rules. (Excluding the END section, the Nexus afterlife is unknown)


The Death Note Form's only tool is the Death Note and resulting effects and consequences. Apart from this there is nothing separating them from a normal human except for any Grid abilities they might possess.

Black Mage -> Arcane Mage -> Death Note

Summoner -> Cartoonist -> Death Note

Armored Knight

With the addition of thick scale mail across his body, as well as a strong breastplate, this form is designed for protection. As if the armor wasn't enough alone, its protective powers extend to being resistant to magical attacks, as well as normal. With a sheild on his right, and a spiky, dangerous-looking mace on his left, the Armored Knight is a wall, except most walls won't hunt you down and beat you to a spiked, quivering pulp.


Elemental Blade

Disable Blade


The danger is, obviously, the Form's lack of speed and agility. Also, offers no ranged attacks whatsoever. Powers have a slightly longer charge time than their Warrior incarnations.


This Form equips the user with a set of Shardplate. An oversized suit of magical armor that not only protects the user from most harm, but also boosts their physical capabilities several times over, allowing for many stunts and maneuvers that would never be possible for the user before. The armor can come in any color or pattern of colors.

The Plate comes with no weapons of its own other than the armor itself and the power it bestows and has no ready abilities. It can be damaged only with extreme force or by powerful magics.

Warrior -> Armored Knight -> Shardplate


Avatar: The Last Airbender

Benders can manipulate ONE of the four basic elements (water, earth, fire, air) through the use of body movements and martial arts.


Water benders lack the offensive strength of other styles, but are the most versatile. Water benders wear light padded leather armor, died various shades of blue and indigo, usually trimmed in white fur. most where fur trimmed hoods and masks. This form includes guards on the forearms to protect the benders most valuable tool, and a water skin for carrying water. The sphere is set into the side of the water skin. Waterbenders are usually well muscled and agile, due to their practice at their bending forms.

Water Benders can freeze, melt, and evaporate any water in their vicinity through a variety of specific and well practiced movements. They also can move their element in any of its forms. A skilled Water Bender can even pull water out of the air, but the amount is limited. Using water as a catylist, Waterbenders can also heal surface injuries, such as cuts and burns, improve sickness, as well as SOME internal injuries, like damage caused by electrocution or PHYSICAL brain tampering (ie: brainwashing or hypnotism that is not magically induced).

Water Benders are limited by skill, as they must be knowledgeable of their own bending style in order to use techniques. They are also limited by their need for movement. While other appendages can be used in water bending, the arms and hands are key, and thus pinning them or disabling them should disable the water bender. Water bending is fueled by emotion, and thus the emotionally disturbed may have control issues, and the emotionally distant may have difficulty producing more spectacular results. A water bender is also limited by the availability of their element. While a skin to hold water is included in the form, it is empty, and so water must be required. It is possible to snatch water from plants or the air, but the amount is small, and truly powerful techniques require a large water source. The healing ability is limited in it's inability to affect must deep internal injuries such as broken bones or internal bleeding. It also takes time to heal with waterbending, and thus this ability is of little use in the middle of a battle, especially for serious injuries.

Waterbender -> Plantbender

Waterbender -> Bloodbender


Earthbending is the most defensive style, being the only style using completely solid material. Earthbenders wear greens and browns, sometimes accompanied by wide brimmed hats and other pieces of armor, but never shoes. Earthbenders tend to be large and muscular, but not as agile as other elements, due to the rooted nature of their stances.

Earthbenders use rock, crystal, and good ol' dirt for their bending, as well as sand to a minor extent. They can move and control their element using sharp, direct movements, and are not as flighty as benders of other elements.

Earthbending has a slight advantage over other elements, as just about any appendage can be used for bending. Extremely skilled Earthbenders can bend with just their face.

Earthbenders are limited by the proximity of their element, separation by metal disables their bending ability. Contact is very important for most Earthbending.

Earthbender -> Sandbender

EarthBender -> Metalbender


Airbenders work with air and gas in just about any form, and their bending is more flexible than any other. Airbenders have arrow tatoos on their hands, feet and head, with a shaved head to show the arrow there. They wear oranges, blues, yellows and whites in light, flowing fabrics.

Airbending uses limbs, just as the other elements, but also uses breath as a major part of the style. Breath can be used almost as diversely as an arm or a leg in this style.

Airbenders are rarely limited by the presence of their element, only vacuum can cut them off from it. But they lack substance, and will lose in a contest of force.


Necromancers are dressed in loose fitting black outfits, consisting of high, supple, soft soled boots for sneaking, pants, shirts with wide billowing sleeves, one glove, and a cloak with a hood and mask. Their sphere is set in the front of the stiffer portion (probably leather) that makes up the upper portion of the shirt over the shoulders and chest. The outfit is completed with black belts, filled with pockets for keeping poisons, potions, and other necromantic tools. The wide billowing sleeves, cloaks, and high boots also contain hidden pockets. These clothes are usually made of fine materials, but provide no protection, other than the cloaks ability to keep the wearer warm. Necromancers have no physical strength, and are often skinny and pale.

Awaken the Dead:

The Necromancer awakens a dead body to fight for them. While most physical traits are restored, undead are often slower and stupider than they were in life. However, because they are already dead, they are also difficult to kill. Magical abilities are not kept, but any magical items or weapons on the corpse will stay in effect. The necromancer must give their undead servant a specific command, which it will follow until it is unable, or until the spell is broken, either by the destruction of the corpse, interference by light magic or necromancy, or by the command or death of the Necromancer.

Drain Attribute:

Requires skin to skin contact. The Necromancer is able to drain ONE attribute of their choice from their target, be it health, age, vitality, strength, or speed. The ability will start to drain from the Necromancer (and the subject will begin to regain some of what was lost) as soon as contact is broken. In the case of extended contact, while most of the attribute will go back where it remains, some may remain with the Necromancer until death.


A necromancer is able to blend completely into the shadows, making them effectively invisible as long as they do not entire direct light.


Using this spell, a necromancer can severely damage all but the most highly enchanted (meaning spheremounts, grids, spheres, and anything else you think should be included), sometimes rusting, rotting, or disintegrating them into nothing. It can also be used to damage living things slightly, but is mostly of use against non living things: like city walls, doors, and armor. This is a necromancers only ranged attack.


Necromancers can place this enchantment on any weapon in the hands of one of their undead. Once enchanted, any thing slain by this weapon is raised, and begins to follow the command given to the undead who carries it.

Necromancers are reliant on the dead to deal most of their damage, and are helpless on their own. Their only damaging technique requires skin to skin contact, which is dangerous since they are so poorly armoured. While the more powerful Lychs are weak against light magic, Necromancers are only mildly more effected by it than everyone else. However, practicing necromancy leaves no protection against it, leading most necromancers to say "Every Necromancers worst enemy is another Necromancer." Unlike Summoners, Necromancers NEED a body to revive, they cannot summon something from nothing.

Summoner -> Necromancer -> Lych

Black Mage -> Necromancer -> Lych


Source: Kingkiller Chronicles

A Sympathist's clothing is mostly the same as their basic form, with the addition of a sturdy cloak with pockets filled of metals, wax, means of making fire, and other sympathetic tools. The Formsphere is located over the chest.

Sympathists are able to create Sympathetic bindings between two like objects, so that whatever effects the one (be it heat, movement, or pain) effects the other. Sympathy requires intense practice with Alar (the Heart of Stone), allowing the Sympathist to create bindings by believing the two objects are linked. These bindings can only be opposed by other sympathists, or by disrupting the creator's concentration. All bindings require an energy source, be it flame, hot coals, or the binder's own body heat.

Sympathists are limited by the materials at hand, the strength of their Alar. They are also limited in the number of bindings they can make at once. River can reliably split his mind into four pieces, but has managed five once or twice. Their minds are the greatest weapon, and like many spell casters, Sympathists have no physical abilities beyond what they might normally have in their basic form. They are also limited by the amount of energy needed to create bindings, for drawing to much heat from the body, or trying to lift too much weight can kill them. Also important is the similarity of the object in question, and the stipulation that the more the object is altered, the more energy is taken to bind the two.

Sympathist -> Namer


Source: Star Wars

Jedi typically wear tunics, leggings and hooded robes in neutral colors, tending toward browns and whites. A Jedi also carries a lightsaber in one of several colors.

Jedi are attuned to the Force, an omnipresent energy field, and can manipulate it to various effects from enhanced awareness to telekinesis to powers of suggestion.

The Force has a Light Side and a Dark Side, Jedi use the Light Side, which places emphasis on control, balance, harmony and healing, this affects what powers a Jedi can use. Offensive Force powers are not something a Jedi will usually use, focusing more on diplomacy and other, subtler tactics.


Source: Star Wars

Sith typically wear tunics, legging and hooded robes in neutral colors, tending toward grays and blacks. A Sith also carries a lightsaber in one of several colors, usually red.

Sith are attuned to the Force, same as a Jedi, but use the Dark Side. Dark Side users embrace passion, wild emotion and, sometimes, destructive tendencies, in utilizing the Force's power. Thus resulting in a suite of powerful attacks, from striking paralyzing fear into a victim to merciless use of telekinesis to vicious lightning thrown from their fingertips. Sith tend to cut through subtleties in their interactions, getting straight to the heart of a problem, usually through violence.


Source: Bionicle

A toa is a biomechanical warrior, composed of protodermic metal and biological components, which is what Spheremorph who uses a toa Sphere becomes.

These beings have certain abilities attached:

-Every toa is associated with a certain element, and can control, create and absorb that ability, drawing on their own resources of elemental energy to do so. The color of their armor reflects what element they are.

Fire - Red

Water - Blue

Earth - Black

Air - Green

Ice - White

Stone - Brown

Sonics - Grey

Gravity - Purple and Black

Plasma - Orange

Magnetism - Gunmetal Grey and Black

Plant Life - Blue and Green

Lightning - Blue and White

Iron - Metallic Grey, Gold, Bronze and Burnt Orange

Psionics - Blue and Gold

-Every toa also wears a mask, known as a kanohi, which bestows a certain power on them and leaves them at half power if removed. Toa can use any mask on this page except for:

Kanohi Nuva

Micellaneous Kanohi

Legendary Kanohi

Kanohi Olisi

Kanohi Avohkii

Kanohi Kraakhan

Kanohi Rua

Kanohi Aki

-And toa typically carry one or more tools/weapons, which can take most any form, from a sword to a projectile weapon, and some come with their own unique powers.

Toa Sphere setups tend to reflect certain models (aka actual toa) though a significant number can be configured by the user.

The word "toa" literally means "hero", which is what toa is meant to be, though it's more of a guideline than a rule.

Chill Touch

The Chill Touch is a rare Sphere, for a Basic Form. Some say it comes from hailstorms. Others from glaciers. Whatever the origin, it doesn't appear like much when activated; only small aesthetics, like thick gloves or a wool hat, are added.

Powers: The abilities that come with this Form are twofold: The power to remove and dissipate heat, and a defensive lessening of pain coming through the constant connection to Ice. This allows him/her to gain ground on the enemy while shrugging off blows, and not die from those blows later. A quick touch counts as a Slow effect for a few seconds; longer than that, and the effects worsen within seconds.

Disadvantages: This Form lacks the speed or finesse of its upgrades; also, it is actually rather hard to freeze things; it takes concentration and focus for a number of seconds to do so. Plus, while the form is able to use its fists to fight semiproficiently, he/she is best used as a scout or deployed only when the enemy will not strike him/her.

*Basic Form

Ice Warden

The Ice Warden moves quickly and gracefully throughout the battlefield, jumping, rolling, and running to where he needs to be. It wears simple, form-fitting, water-proofed clothes, with only extra leather pads around the shoulders. Its strength lies its speed, and in the Ice he can form around his body.

Powers- This form builds upon the powers it held in its Basic Form with the addition of higher physical speed and agility and the powers of Ice (obviously). Unlike most other manipulators of elements, he can only create on or very near on his person. So, while he could create iceaskates coming from his feet, he could not create an ice rink to skate on. However, his control is very fine, which allows him to do most anything from throwing up walls and shields to sculpting a figure of a dove. This takes time though, so it tends to stick to straightforward, smaller objects; for instance, that knife it's about to stab you with.

Disadvantages- Unfortunately, this Form has no real ranged attacks to speak of either, except for manually throwing ice. Also, it's low on the defensive side.

Chill Touch -> Ice Warden

Drunken Master

This Form feeds on alcohol, powering a crazy martial style of combat. This Form is usually unarmed, but get enough ale in him and things get insane. What seems like random flailing is still random flailing, but flailing with enough force behind it to knock an unwary bystander unconscious. Unpredictable and dangerous, the only thing that this Form fears is sobriety.

The user of this Form wears a standard hand to hand combatants attire, except that the drunken ways of this Form have stained and disheveled it practically beyond recognition.

Thief -> Monk -> Drunken Master

Dark Child

Source: League of Legends

A kid could never hurt anyone, right?

If you want to survive, you better hope so.

The Dark Child is powerful mage Form, using deadly fire spells against their foe. The single biggest drawback is that it catapults the user back into childhood, shrinking them to a child's stature, strength, and (to an extent) mental capacity.

The Dark Child wears kid's clothes, usually dresses for girls.


Disintegrate - Throws two handfuls of fire at the target, leaving serious burns, and can utterly vaporize if a killing blow is struck, reinvigorating the Dark Child.

Magma Shield - Surrounds the user in an orb of fire, warding off enemies and lending protection from harm.

Incinerate - A powerful flamethrower, billowing out and covering a wide area in front of the user.

Summon: Tibbers

Black Mage -> Dark Child

Summoner -> Dark Child

^ marks a passive ability

*NOTE: Yes, I know that's not how those abilities work!  I'm changing them to make them more useful in this setting.  So don't PM me about it going "But Silus!  That's not how those metals work!" because I already know.

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Character Form Descriptions:

The Form descriptions above list descriptions as they apply to all uses of the Form, but there are variations when used by an individual.  This is for those.


Geass: Ambro's sigil appears in the left eye.

Melodic Bladesinger: Ambro's belt is around the waist, and the cloth is mottled gray, very loose and shredded looking.

Jay'el H'Ka

Engineer: With a heavy pistol on his left hip and an SMG on his right, Jay'el's dark, desert colored armor projects a kinetic barrier that protects him from the dust of a sandstorm.  Pic from Mass Effect 1, for reference: http://dft.ba/-9Xz

Gunner: When in his Gunner Form, Jay'el wears a lightweight sand-colored duster jacket that conceals the dual pistols in shoulder holsters.

Shaman: Jay'el specifically is dressed in desert wear, with every inch of skin covered except those around the eyes. His two daggers are in sheathes that are attached to his lower back, just above his butt. They can be drawn quickly and easily, one in each hand, and usually are drawn with a reverse grip (the blade going away from the pinky, rather than the index finger and thumb.


Sympathist: River's cloak is a deep forest green, and his form includes a belt with extra pockets.

Necromancer: Clothing mostly made of silk.

Waterbender: River wears his hood and mask down, so his face is visible.

Jack McKinney

Airebender: The clothes are travel-worn and stained, but the bright orange and red color is un-faded. The clothing, however, looks ill-fiutted and mismatched. There is a bright shiny blue belt made of cloth around Jack's waist.

Adept: The Adept power armor appears to be made of a light green opaque plastic, but sounds like ceramic when broken. A pistol holster sits on the right thigh. The sub-machine gun is attached to the back with a quick release harness for easy access. A small clear-visored helmet completes the outfit.

Black mage: The outfit is normal for a black mage but trades the hat for a hood.

Chemist: The chemist outfit is a simple green tunic and brown shorts, but with a light copper chain about two feet long wrapped around and tied to the left leg.


Kandra: As a kandra, his face changes into a strong, square man's with a prominent nose, brown eyes, and hair the color of dust. He wears a grey, buttoned shirt, dark blue trousers, light leather gauntlets, and a thick oilskin cloak, and is never seen without the larg rucksack on his back, bulging oddly in certain places. That bag actually contains two spare bone sets - one of a young girl, perhaps ten years of age, and the other an older, short mam in his early forties. The face, though, can be changed through simple willpower. This, however, is the Form he uses when he has nothing specific in mind.

Armored Knight: The armor is a curious matte blue.

Ice Warden: Dark colors.

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Morphing Grids:

These are for the Grids you create or discover.

Womb of Mist

This Grid carries five spheres, four in a circle around a center space with no connections from this central sphere to the outside ones.  This center space can only be filled by a Misting Formsphere, whose power is bestowed as a Grid ability, but makes it so you can't use the Misting Form.  Cannot use a Mistborn Formsphere for this center place.  This center sphere does not have to be used to activate a Special Form.  Transitions take 20 seconds.



Allomantic Reactor

The Grid carries six spheres, resembling the Womb of Mist but for a few important facts. There are only two Spheres in the outside circle, but four spaces for Misting Spheres.

Transitions take 20 seconds.



Birth of Blood

This Grid carries five spheres, four in a circle around a center space with one connected to the middle.  The center space can only be filled by a Kandra Sphere and makes the sphere's Blessing a Grid ability.  This sphere can be accessed in order to use the Kandra's camouflage ability.  Transitions take 20 seconds.



Cradle Of Chemistry

Similar to the Womb of Mist in design, the Cradle grants the power of the central Chemist Sphere, materializing a sizeable amount of the metal on the user that cannot be removed. The form of the metal varies with the Chemist Sphere used. For gold, it's a torc; for tin, a set of five rings; etc. The user can transition between connected Forms in twenty seconds



Serpent Grid

It can hold four spheres in four sphere sockets; each sphere socket is in a staggered line, with connections between each socket's neighbor.  The baseline can transition to any sphere and back in fifteen seconds, but any transition between forms can only be done on connections and with twenty seconds.  The first and last socket have no connection.



Glorious Sunburst

Despite being a large grid, capable of accomodating a large number of spheres, 8 in all, it suffers from some drawbacks. In addition to taking a full 25 seconds to swap spheres, it also requires you to switch to your baseline form between each form, meaning it takes a full 50 seconds to switch between combat forms.



Road of Numb

This Grid comes equipped with the special Numb ability, which allows the user to completely shut down any person's abilities just by touching them, but only when touching them.

Shifting through the diamond path gives the Numbing Aura ability, which allows the user to project a Numbing effect on anyone within ten feet (not accounting for any modifiers).

Transitions take 15 seconds.




The Gemini Grid comes in pairs, and requires two Spheremorphs to use as the abilities won't work otherwise.

This Grid allows two Spheremorphs to be linked, deriving power from each other. Simply being in close proximity gives the users a power boost. This Grid also relies on the idea of opposites. Using Forms that oppose each other in some way increases the boost.

The dashes through the paths represent three stacking threshold abilities:

1 Dash: Allows the user to project their thoughts to their partner, creating two way telepathy when active on both Grids.

2 Dashes: Creates an Amalgam of the user's and their partner's current Forms; allowing the users to share powers when active on both Grids.

3 Dashes: Increase to boost. When active on both Grids, allows the users to trigger a devastating attack based on their Forms, but only when the Forms are opposites.

Transitions take 10 seconds.



Star Power

Allows for instantaneous Form shifts, but can only change in the direction marked by the arrows.



Soul Jar

Double Circle: Gated Fuser

Transition time: 25 seconds




Allows the user to retain a single item from the Form they were last in when they return to Baseline (item, not ability, so a lightsaber is okay, but a vial of metals is useless without Allomancy), but they must go back to the Form the item is from when they go back into Form.

Transitions take 20 seconds.



Affected Triplicate

With the main FormSphere* in the center connecting to both of the other corners of the triangle, it alters their performance slightly. It can be used directly itself, and is, more importantly, a sort of "control" for the other two. It affects them both, creating a "Similarity Link" which makes all three more compatible. As such, transfers betwen the two are swift; only 8 seconds are needed.



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Some Formspheres give the ability to summon different creatures.  This post is for them.

Heat Serpent

A huge, black scaled snake, at least thirty feet long and three feet thick. It has a ridge along the back of its head, giving its face a dragonish look. The air around it is distorted by heat, and steam billows from its nostrils. Its eyes are black and pitiless.

This creature is considered a fire summon, though it uses no actual flames. Its body radiates intense heat, enough that even indirect contact is scalding. It can shoot a jet of superheated steam from its mouth that has been known to strip flesh from bones.

This creature occurs naturally in parts of the Crags of Dichotomy.


A massive bear built like a tank, covered in flames, and filled with stuffing. It's not a flesh and blood bear, but a creature of magic, a demon in the form of a monstrous teddy bear.

Unique Summon: Can only be summoned by the Dark Child Form; this creature is not naturally occurring.

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Power Items:

These are for special items you run across in your travels that have special, very useful effects on you as a Spheremorph.


Evolves a Formsphere into another one.


Complex Evolver

Has an additional slot which can filled with a Spherepiece, which will be integrated into the Evolved Form.



These come in three types, and allow you to combine the power of multiple Forms. Other types are rumored to exist, but have yet to be known.

Weaknesses of combined Forms also cross over unless special circumstances (such as a relation between the two Forms) say otherwise.

Gated Fuser

A Fuser component for Morphing Grids. These are attached to the path between two Sphere nodes on a Grid, and when a Spheremorph moves between the Forms connected by this path, rather than drop the powers he had, it combines them into the new Form's powers, creating an Amalgam Form. These only last as long as they remain in one of these two Forms and must be reconnected if the Form is left.


Auto Fuser

This is also a Grid level Fuser of the same type as the Gated Fuser, but rather than requiring the Spheremorph to connect the two Forms, the connection is automatic. But the path must be moved along in order to reach Forms beyond the second Form, or to activate a Special Form.


Full Fuser

Independent of Grids, this is a one use item that combines two Forms into each other permanently, creating an Amalgam Formsphere.


1-point Components

Animal Eye Spy

Allows the bearer to see through the eyes of any nearby animal, the size and distance of the animal varies with the rating of the grid it is attached to.

Uncanny Valley

This gives the a slight intuitive warning when there is Illusion or glamour magic or technology being used nearby. It does not provide any information beyond presence or lack thereof.

The Hyena

Emotional manipulation is harder to use on the user of this component, however the user finds that every thing is funny, and everything is worth a laugh, and likely will laugh.

Catch Phrase

This component attaches to a slot on a Morphing Grid. When the Spheremorph shifts to that form, he can utter a phrase, at least five words long, and receive a slight strength boost. This phrase must be the same every time and is chosen when the component is first used. Attempting to change the phrase locks out the component until it is attached to a different Grid slot.

Heroic Sacrifice

When attached to a Spheremount, the Spheremorph names a person or location. Upon the bearer's death in baseline, the Spheremount, Morphing Grid, components, and Formspheres attached to it are immediately teleport to that person or location. This component disintegrates once it has been used in this manner.

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Proposed new Form


The Drinling form tends to be small and stocky, with coppery eyes. Unlike most forms, this one does not require energy to sustain. In fact, spending any amount of time in Drinling Form leaves the Spheremorph fully rested when he transitions out.

Form Abilities

Almost infinite endurance

Immunity to poison or disease.

No need to eat or sleep

Ultrafast healing

The Cost

The remarkable powers of the Drinling Form bring with them a bizarre cost. While in this form, the Spheremorph ages approximately forty times faster than normal. Prolonged use of this Form can shave years or even decades off of the user's life.

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