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Dutch Wives

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Hi! I have decided to join this fine forum filled with wonderful people, and thought I should introduce myself.

I am Dutch Wives, though I'm not really Dutch, or a wife. I'm actually from Australia. It's assumed that I am a Sando-Fan, right? Other than this my passions lie with football, jazz and films/musicals. I believe in Aesthetics.

I'm really looking forward to talking Cosmere with you all.

Cheers \o/

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Good to have you here Dutch Wives! What other authors do you enjoy aside from Brandon? If you've got any questions about either the site or the cosmere, don't hesitate to ask; it's a pretty steep learning curve. Hope to see you around! :)/>

Why thankyou for the warm welcome Windrunner!

I would be one of the many that discovered Brandon's works through The Wheel of Time. I was actually planning to stop reading Fantasy because no one captured my imagination like RJ did, until BS of course. Now the Cosmere consumes me, as I'm sure you know haha. I do enjoy Kurt Vonnegut, too.

Thankyou, and I will. I have been lurking for a couple of months now and thought I should try to add to the discussions if I can. I really admire how you've all gathered so much information from such little sources

Thanks :)

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Cheers LessThanGeorge! Yes though I am still an infant I have learned all I know from here in my embryonic lurking phase.

Great to feel welcomed. I am not so much of a theoriser I think, but more of an analyzer, so I hope I can aid the unraveling of this oh so curious puzzle with you fine Ladies and Gents. :)

I must say the unorthodox approach this forum takes of being nice, pleasant even, is really something to behold.

And the seemingly lack of pointless bickering is strange, yet very inviting. :D

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