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Let me start by telling you in advance that it's a pleasure to be here and to meet you all. My name's George, 22, from the New York area. I started reading Sanderson a couple years ago, after hearing his name for the longest time. The Gathering Storm was my favorite Wheel of Time book, and I decided that I owed it to myself to check out some of Brandon's solo work. I picked up The Way of Kings, and I became hooked. I remember the first time I saw Hoid's name in Mistborn and I realized "wait a minute... IT'S ALL CONNECTED :o"

I'm here to learn more about the Cosmere, because I can see that everyone here has solid theories. I'm excited to watch a new epic develop from the beginning.

In my spare time, I longboard, write, play PS3, go to concerts, and read (duh!). I'm an accounting major, a stoner, a metalhead, I love coffee. Say hi... Let's talk, let's chill! :lol:

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