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Chasm on Sel

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Well, that cuts out my theory that worldhopping on Sel is dangerous because of a big mismatch between its Physical and Cognitive aspects.

On the other hand, it may offer another reason for worldhopping there to be so dangerous. Sel's magic seems to be bound up in static forms: the world itself resists change, to the point that Forging fades over time if not kept up. The Reod was catastrophic because it forced a change on these forms in ways that the magic could not simply adapt to accommodate. It had to be rebuilt, and although the actual process of repairing Aons turned out to be a simple task, the fact remains that it has to be done for each and every Aon out there.

Perhaps this phenomenon extends to, and is amplified by, the Cognitive Realm. It could be that Sel's resistance to change there becomes so high that even a simple change in position or velocity becomes too much for it to handle, and so it outright stops such things. Getting trapped in the Cognitive Realm because you can't move to get out would certainly be a danger. The resistance to change might be even higher, preventing hearts from beating or metabolisms from functioning.

Of course, this leads to the question of how Hoid gets around it. He could do it if anyone could, but how?

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it could be that, but I wonder about something different. The magic system in the physical realm based on geography right? If we assume that the cognitive realm is the same for Sel as it is for Roshar, then the land and water are reversed right? Brandon has confirmed that the chasm has a counterpart in the cognitive realm, so that means the magic there hast to take that into account, but if the water and land are reversed, then the pattern form them there would also have changed form the chasm. This would mean the magic there, in my mind, needs to be fixed, but there isn't any reference to the Aons that would be used in that realm. It could be the same Aons, but I would thing there would be some kind of difference since the Arleon would be all water just like the other countries. So there could be a completely different set of Aons used in the cognitive realm.

I hope this makes sense to someone else rather than just me.

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