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This is my first post on the forum, but I've been a keen reader since a while. I'm currently on my second read of The Way of Kings and there's a few interesting things I noticed. I don't think these have been mentioned on the forum before.

1. Eshonai: We know, from Brandon's recent reads of Book 2 that Eshonai is the Parshendi general and a Shardbearer. I thought that that reading was the first time I'd heard her name. On my re-read, I noticed that Chapter 68 is titled "Eshonai". Surprise, surprise, this is the very chapter she defeats Dalinar, before he is rescued by Kaladin. I believe that this chapter title is the only time her name appears in the book.

2. Chapter 19 is a treasure trove of good information:

“Praise the Heralds,” she exclaimed, scooping up the girl. “You found her, Heb. Bless you.”
“Sweet wisdom of Battar,” the woman breathed, holding her child close.
“Three Gods, Heb,” the woman whispered.
“‘The girl’? Seeli, our daughter. And since when have you called me woman? Is Taffa so hard to say? Stormwinds, Heb, what has gotten into you?”
Taffa looked up, awed. “You came,” she whispered. “Bless the Almighty.”

In Dalinar's vision, we hear a woman swear to three gods. Did they believe in Honor, Cultivation and Odium at the time, before the current monotheistic religion came up? Seems a bit odd that they recognize three gods, but call one of them 'All-mighty'.

3. Chapter 19 again

“Then where do you live?”

“Urithiru is where our orders are centered, but we live in cities all across Alethela.”

Dalinar froze in place. Alethela. It was the historical name for the place that had become Alethkar. “You cross kingdom borders to fight?”

“Heb,” Taffa said. She seemed very concerned. “You were the one who promised me that the Radiants would come protect us, just before you went out searching for Seeli. Is your mind still muddled? Lady knight, could you heal him again?”

“I should save Regrowth for others who might be wounded,” the woman said, glancing at the village. The fighting seemed to be dying down.

“I’m fine,” Dalinar said. “Alethk…Alethela. You live there?”

“It is our duty and our privilege,” the woman said, “to stay vigilant for the Desolation. One kingdom to study the arts of war so that the others might have peace. We die so that you may live. It has ever been our place.”

Dalinar stood still, sorting through that.

“All who can fight are needed,” the woman said. “And all who have a desire to fight should be compelled to come to Alethela. Fighting, even this fighting against the Ten Deaths, changes a person. We can teach you so that it will not destroy you. Come to us.”

I think this could explain the whole lighteyes/darkeyes divide. Perhaps one of the changes she mentions is the lightening of ones eye color. This ties in with how claiming a Shardblade is supposed to make you a lighteyes. The Shardbearer's attitude above lines up with the references we've had of lighteyes serving darkeyes in the past, as well as with the Shin attitude to warriors. Unfortunately, once the Oathpact was broken, these warriors no longer remained as selfless as they had been. In time, their descendants were more warlike and ended up conquering the nearby areas, and began to think of themselves as superior. The region the Knights lived in remained most agressive, explaining the high rank of both warriors and lighteyes in Alethi society.

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Interesting that dark eyes, even those of high standing, are forbidden to wield swords.

Thanks for posting this Havoc! This is really useful stuff to have handy!

The note of the three gods is also interesting. I can see how you mean 'the Almighty' references one, and it could be that way, but this could also be plural as in 'the Almighty (Three)', but you may be on to something.

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See to put another interesting spin in there, I can't remember where in the book they are but there are two other quotes that have often been thrown around in relation to the 3 Gods

"Three of Sixteen ruled but now the Broken One reigns"



What if the third shard/God isn't Odium?

I do like the idea on why Darkeyes aren't allowed to wield swords, that really makes a lot of sense.

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