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Hello everyone. For my purposes on this forum my name is Nightfury. I'm an avid fan of Brandon Sanderson's books. I started out by reading Alcatraz and loved it. It was the first time I think I've ever enjoyed an author's style of writing, not just the plot itself so I went out and found more of Brandon Sanderson's books. Since then I've read the first four books in Alcatraz, started and finished the Mistborn trilogy, as well as Alloy Of Law, and last but not least: Elantris. I've really enjoyed reading them all and I'm excited to learn more about what Brandon Sanderson has written and participate in this forum.

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Hey Nightfury, great to have a new guy here. Keep reading the rest of Brandon's books :)

Just a word of warning - if you don't want any spoilers regarding the books you haven't read yet don't go in the "Cosmere Theories" section of the forums, as its basically a minefield for all things Sanderson.

Have fun, and welcome.

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His publishing order for the cosmere books are as follows


MIstborn 1-3


The Way of Kings

Alloy of Law

The Emperors Soul

This is mostly the order that I read them in, but you can really read them in any order outside of the Mistborn books and it will still all make sense. The other exception is that I would probably read Elantris before Emperor's Soul (there is some realmatic stuff going on in this book and it might be better to save it till later).

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