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Salutations, greetings, and sundry introductory phrases


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Well, as the title says, (insert introductory phrase).

I'm Kairos, and an avid Sanderson reader. In addition to that, I've been lurking for a few years, but just finally got around to getting a shoe and yodelling. I highly anticipate much theorising and discussion. Great to meet all of you as a full member.

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*awkwardly adjusts fake moustache*


As a long-time (*cough*) resident of 17S I would like to convey the official salutations of the community. Let me take your coat and accept your mandatory voluntary donation.


Please step this way for your welcome tour. On your left are the forums, managed by (*looks at smudged ink on hand*) modlingators. On your right you will see, umm ... more forums. Which are different. In very particular, forum-y ways which, um - 


*fake moustache falls off*


*runs away screaming hysterically*

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