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"The Enemy"


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In the Prelude, the Heralds mention a mysterious enemy.

The Way of Kings, Page 17 (Hardcover Version):

"They see us as divinities," Kalak whispered. "They rely upon us, Jezrien. We're all that they have."

"They have the Radiants. That will be enough."

Kalak shook his head. "He will not remain bound by this. The enemy. He will find a way around it. You know he will."

"Perhaps." The king of Heralds offered no further explanation.

So we have some sort of mysterious "enemy" running around, and he has to do with the Oathpact. He might also be the cause of the Desolations. Sure, it could be Odium, but according to Honor he hasn't Invested himself in anything. I'm pretty sure Odium would have to Invest himself at least a little bit to start the Desolations. As well, Odium isn't native to Roshar, so I don't think his power stretches that far back.

I'd assume that this enemy is not a Shard, since Honor and Cultivation don't sound like guys who would destroy Roshar. (It could be another Shard, if you'll allow me to direct you to this theory of mine. Who knows?) I think this enemy may have taken the power from a Shard in the distant past, and is using it to destroy Roshar. Alternately, the Desolations were something used by the Shards to somehow benefit Roshar, but Odium is turning them to his own ends.

Or could it be possible that the enemy is whatever forced humanity out of the Tranquiline Halls, which are where the Heralds are now going? It would be interesting if the "Hell" place was actually a corrupted heaven.

I suppose we'll find out in the coming books. Until, I eagerly await answers.

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