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I have thought about the second Mistborn trilogy which will be placed in a more modern day era, late 20th century tech. In that era we had begun with space travels, if so much in a race. I know Scadrial doesn't have a moon but they'll probably go to space somewhere in that time. As we know that will require very high techonlogy and knowledge of physics. I suppose Scadrial would have become very Cosmere knowing. There would need to be a reason to go to space (satellites, space race or maybe knowledge of other planets). They would probably be able to calculate a lot of stuff about space and maybe even get the knowledge of how the Cosmere began (probably not why Adonalsium shattered, it's a magical event and I have no idea how those affects general physics). What I think I'm trying to say is that the second Mistborn trilogy would have the ability to reveal a lot about the Cosmere (but will probably not because I suppose Brandon wants to wait with that to the third trilogy or SA part 2 or Dragonsteel).


Change of topic: Does anyone know if Harmony or the people of AoL are aware of what they could come to be doing with Scadrial, in climate terms? When they start notice it it would probably be sometime after even the third Mistborn trilogy, the population of Elendel is about 4,8 million, if there lives 600.000 in each octant as said by Marasi: 


"What is the point of this?" Lord Harms asked sufferingly.

"The population of our octant is around six hundred thousand," she explained.

AoL chapter 4 page 85 UK edition. 


This means the population of northern Scadrial I would assume would come up with a little more than 5 million. Then you will have to count with the people in the south pole. So pollution would be of less trouble but they will notice it. They will probably not begin with renewable resources (unless Harmony interferes). I don't know what this is but just a general thought.

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