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wasing the where of what


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Okay so i mainly decided to sign up because Sanderson just gave me new reasons to be really, really excited about Mistborn and Cosmere in general. Since y'all are all on here, i'm sure you know what that means. 


Who am I? A rootin' tootin' point-and-shootin' Texan trying to write books that have been in worlbuilding for about half the amount of time that the Stormlight novels have- and that's only because i'm merely a Junior in highschool.


I learned about Sanderson through Steelheart, and I'm slowly eating up his entire library (sadly I read the Emperor's Soul before purchasing Elantris, but mistakes are inevitable).


I'm hoping to do some Mistborn cosplays sometime! If that ever comes into fruition I'll probably post something about it....

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