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A little help with some stuff in WoK?


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Hey, so i started reading Brandon Sandersons books a bit ago, and i just found this website. as i am reading these forums, i am finding a bunch of unfamiliar things that everyone else seems to know. could someone explain them?:

-What the "shards" are

-what "Liar of Parthenil" is and where to read the teaser thing

- Who Adonalsium is?

- How did everyone figure out this stuff?

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Hey bobby, welcome to 17th shard.

Adonalsium is the "creator" or the father of the universe figure. Nobody really knows exactly what form this being/entity took, but think of universe creator and that might be a good answer.

"Shards" are the pieces that Adonalsium shattered into. Ruin/Preservation in mistborn are two of the shards. Odium, Honor, and Cultivation are the Shards on Roshar. The other shards are on other worlds in Brandon's Cosmere.

Lightweaving is an unknown ability, which will show up in his Dragonsteel series.

That has information regarding other unpublished works.

People figured a lot of this out through speculation, and analysis of the works themselves. Other answers come from actually asking Brandon about these things, he has answered some or a lot of these things.

Hope this helps!

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