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Ray Bradbury

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With Bradbury's recent death, I thought we could talk about our favorite works of his. To be honest, I'm still a bit devastated by this. The day before his death I was thinking about how he was the best living American author.

Personally From the Dust Returned has to be my favorite book every written. Right now I'm reading the Illustrated Man (we picked this to be our book club book months ago, timing, huh), and it's just as fantastic as I would expect. I've read a few more of his collections, and I can't think of a single story I didn't like.

I also really like listening to him speak.

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You can't make me pick. My favorite Bradbury story is whichever one I'm reading at the moment. That's not a cop-out, but the honest truth. I was reading a relatively recent piece of short fiction by him, Juggernaut, and as I was reading it I was thinking "man, this guy has still got it! This has to be one of his best stories ever!"

And then I thought the same thing, the other day, when I flipped through The Martian Chronicles again. And now that you've gotten me thinking about The Illustrated Man, I'm becoming increasingly convinced that, no, THAT is my favorite collection.

So... I pick them all. :P

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Haha! I don't see anything wrong with that. Bradbury is the only writer I've read that a- writes pure gold almost every time, and b- gives you a new experience with every story. I keep wanting to dig into the stack of his books that I have on my shelf, but I can't even pick the Illustrated Man up just yet because I don't like that he's gone.

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