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Bad Story Idea From Ep. 162

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Hey all! I’m watching this one YouTube this morning I’m writing this, and when Brandon unveiled his story idea I just… well you’ll see.

Ever heard the saying “infinite monkeys…”? Very basically it’s that no idea is original, and if you’ve thought of it then it’s been thought of before by someone else.

Brandon dreamed himself up a story where Dracula is back in the far future and a woman having an archive of old media properties has to summon them to fight him. I stopped when I got about six minutes in to write this.

Anyway I literally have a story idea placeholder in my pages folder of my iPad for what I called “The Public Domain Heist”. Slightly different from Brandon’s in the sense it’s a person summoning public domain characters like Dracula, Winnie the Pooh, Moriarty, Peter Pan, etc. to steal a first edition of a book.

And that’s when I started thinking about infinite monkeys and thought to see if any of you folks have had a similar experience? I just find it funny

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