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I love me some movies


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I thought the summer movie season was fantastic.  


Sure, it had its bad moments.  Michael Bay's Soulcasters: Age of Extinction and Teenage Mutant Ninja Greatshells were just as bad as we all expected.  


Into the Highstorm was a flop as a disaster movie, and The Endower turned out to be exactly like every other teen dystopian movie these days.  


There were some comedic failures as well. Bloody Tammy was boring, and A Million Ways to Die in the Roughs just wasn't that funny.  


Then there were some surprises.  Lots of people were disappointed by The Amazing Cremling-Man 2 and Shardzilla, but I don't think anyone expected The Surge: Anarchy and Edgedancer of Tomorrow to do as well as they did.  


Some movies were good enough to transcend their genres.  The Fault in our Shards even brought non-teenage girls to tears, and you can't say that the climax of How to Train Your Chasmfiend 2 didn't have you giggling like a child.  


Fun, beautifully designed, and surprisingly poignant, my favorites of the summer were Guardians of the Cosmere and Dawnshard of the Planet of the Apes.  



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I mostly use Howard Tayler's movie review to see what movies were this year.He was just talking about going to see The Maze Windrunner once it comes out.

Don't forget Sharkeverstorm Two: The Second One.

There were some good movies earlier this year too, like Captain Alethkar: Winter Bridgeman and The Soulstamp Movie.

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I really loved Dawn of Shardworld of the apes, How to train your brandondragon, Amazing spren-derman 2, and Edge of Desolation. I know a lot of people disagree about spren-derman, but this is probably the only spidey film I've really enjoyed.

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