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Runelords movie

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It looks like fantasy saga "The Runelords" by David Farland is getting movie adaptation - it is still in very early stages, official site is here - http://runelordsmovie.com/.

Brandon is supposedly inspired, among others, by Farland and in fact "The Runelords" are containing mechanistic magic system, that should feel familiar to us.

I really hope the project will suceed and I am going to read the books soon!

From Wikipedia:

The Runelords is a fantasy series by author David Farland. In the universe of The Runelords, there exists a unique magical system which relies on the existence of distinct bodily attributes, such as brawn, grace, and wit. These attributes can be transferred from one individual (or animal) to another in a process known as "giving an endowment". Lords who have taken many endowments become extremely powerful, almost superhuman, and are known as Runelords.

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