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What happened to the missing Ruin power?


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So we know that the Pits were created by Preservation to hide away Ruin's body/power in the form of Atium. And if Ruin had gotten access to the Atium he'd be stronger than Preservation and then able to destroy the world completely (as opposed to merely killing everyone on it).

But Elend and his army of superfriends burns the Atium away (one of my favorite parts). So at this point it's no longer accessible to Ruin and he gets really pissed off. Presumably it wasn't going to be available any time soon, given Ruin's response.

So what happens to the power now? Does Sazed have access to it? Is it just kind of gone forever? Absent Atium does it come back to Sazed gradually? I know that under normal circumstances it just would have reformed in the Pits, but that was because the Pits were specifically designed to shunt it.


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Most likely, it will precipitate out as Atium over the next 1024 years, possibly starting from when the crystals Kelsier shattered regrow. Unless the Pits are actually totaled for good, in which case Ruin's Shardpool will fill up over the same period and some lucky guy will get to spend thirty seconds being told to touch nothing by Sazed when he stumbles into it.

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