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The other Side of the Coin - Killing Mists

D.R. West

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I started to publish the third and last book of my Mistborn Trilogy "The other Side of the Coin" at AO3.

Please enjoy.






After a long and cumbersome journey, Alana and her people finally arrive in South Searan. But instead of finding a peaceful place to live, they are confronted with ignorance, hatred and death. And as if that isn't enough, the mists steal more and more daylight until eventually the whole area is permanently covered. Does an old tale help them survive?


Book 3 "Killing Mists" plays about the time of "Mistborn: The Hero of Ages" but mostly in South Searan, showing the impact of the events on the "Legacy" and "A World in Turmoil" characters there.


Words: will be about 114.000

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