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On the Seventeenth day of Koloss Head Munching


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On the Seventeenth day of Koloss Head Munching (the Koloss started a little early...), the Cosmere gave to me:

The 17th Shard,

16 Basic metals,

15 Requests before a dead squirrel was sent,

14 Strokes in a new Aon Rao,

13 Inquisitors,

12 Beads of Lerasium,

11 Standard spikes,

10 Essences,

9 Statues of Heralds,

8 Elendel octants,

7 Ashmounts,

6 Beads of atium,

5 Scholars,

Bridge 4,

3 Realms,

2 God metals,

And the 1 and only Hoid!

(Yes, I disregarded the meter for the most part, in favor of making each number connect to something specific in the books.)

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