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Does anyone know if they are going to sell prints of the art work from Yumi (or any of the other Secret Projects) ? I only have digital versions, but I am planning on getting the Dragonsteel versions when they are easily available. I would really like a few of the prints from Yumi. I am totally blown away.

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Some of the artists who've done work for Brandon's books appear at Dragonsteel and have booths to sell their artwork. I was able to commission a bigger version of the Kaladin/Syl piece Howard Lyon did for The Way of Kings leatherbound at Dragonsteel last year. Doesn't look like Aliya Chen sells her pieces through her website, so a booth at Dragonsteel or a future offering by Dragonsteel through their online store are your likeliest options. 

The leatherbound The Way of Kings kickstarter did give permission to print art files they provided as long as the copyright information was displayed and you didn't attempt to sell it, but unfortunately I'm not seeing a similar provision for the secret projects kickstarter.

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