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Oh, shoot, looks like I'm the last one to post this. Darn! :P

Hey everyone, my name is Eric Lake. I'm a junior at Montana State University, and I'm majoring in Applied Math. So now you know why I speak so much of logic in the theories threads :P I have been known to, on occasion, teach calculus to people forcibly.

In my spare time, I write, probably from Brandon's influence (silly good writing and all that). It should come as no surprise to you that I admin the Mistborn RP here. You should join, because the more people pestering me to post makes it easier to rationalize me losing time on my own stuff.

Eons ago, back when we could blame the aether, I ran a few forums, too, so I eventually persuaded Mi'chelle to let me be the forum admin, back when this site wasn't a reality. So mostly what you'll see me do is post in theory threads and make sure you're getting things right :P

Oh, hm, I should probably explain my username and my avatar. Let's start with my avatar. If you play Guild Wars, you'll recognize him as the villain from Factions, Shiro Tagachi. He's the person who I now blame when the internet goes out. He's my avatar so he's appeased and doesn't strike down my router as much (also, he looks cool).

I don't remember where my username came from. It probably had something to do with the word "chaos" sounding cool, and then I picked some numbers after it. And two is my favorite number, so it started with that. All throughout the internet, Chaos2651 should be me. Except for Skype, apparently, when some polish guy took it (personally, I blame Shiro). Oddly enough, though, this username doesn't reflect my personal worldview on the world. I couldn't be a math major if I didn't know the universe has logic to it, eh?

Anyways, you'll see me around, I'm sure.

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Just why is it that Sephiroth keeps showing up elsewhere?  Hmm ...

Ponders for a moment ...

Aha!  I've got it!  (Sadly, it's another site.)

Now, then ... Chaos; again, looks from side to side ...  Are you one and the same?

I'm pretty awesome, but I don't know if I'm that awesome.

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