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So here I'm just going to post random scenes of stories i've invented.

You can too, because I want to read stuff.



Alakan died. Seized by the ovreni, pierced bis it's wretched spear, he fell.

As he began his descent, he saw light. zipping around him, laughing.

"You couldn't save Orthren, how do you think you'd save yourself"

"You left foralia to die and burn!"

Alakan turned it the air as he fell, looking up towards the pocket of foralia. 

Alakan returned from the dead to strike down the ovreni.


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Guess I may as well put another thing here



Aki ran, wind whipping his cloak behind him. He ran, for Eresa, trapped in Alki's prison.

For Tirar, held hostage in the lake of Ataria.

He ran, villages passing by him, slowly entering the grand forest of the spirits.

The trees began to rumble, spirits not liking outsiders.

"Help me! They've killed them all! You helped me once before, so help me now!"

"We cannot help you, when you need no help."


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