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Physical Hardbound Tress - WOW


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My Tress box finally arrived!  I had already read the e-version of the novel, and while I enjoyed it, I didn't find it to be THAT compelling.  I am, however, completely gobsmacked by the quality and beauty of the premium hardcover book itself.

I knew, of course, that the delays in production and shipping were primarily due to Brandon's (and the team's) desire to do something special with the cover and interior artwork - and the difficulties presented thereby - but Rust and Ruin this thing is an absolute work of art.  I don't even want to TOUCH it, never mind READING it!

Kudos to the Dragonsteel team and to everyone else involved in the creation of of this utter storming masterpiece.  I can understand a feeling of sticker shock at the $55 price tag if you are looking to buy it separately, but given the impressive amount of sweat, love, and craft that has gone into manufacturing this volume, honestly, it's a bargain.



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