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Hi! I came from a direction to Brandonothology from Stormblessed and fairly new to forum-ing. This is kinda long but I have split my intro into paragraphs by topic for your convenience reading pleasure.

I'm from good old Southern California. I grew up all my life in LA and then South Pasadena (lots of cool movies were shot there, look it up! Like Scream2 and Role Models, I totally recognized the coffee shop scene place). South Pasadena is a funny little town, yes south, of the famous Pasadena. It's like 3 square miles, has no fire department, we borrow Alhambra's I think, and while growing up, had one tiny little Crown's bookstore that spent more time being renovated than actually open. It is also where a bunch of prude people many decades ago decided Pasadena was getting a positively Las Vegas esque vibe so they seceded and even eventually built a series of permanent roadblocks around the edge of the city to limit traffic going through. We also stopped the 405 freeway from being completed (which btw would have cut a 25 min. trip into LA to around 5). We also have over 100 historical landmarks (over 100 years old stuff like this well and like half the houses) so almost nothing is new.

My sufferings of the harsh winters here and full 2 inches!! of rain a year (give or take) tells me my ability to cope with weather, well anywhere else would be an interesting showdown between my at most 2 layers of clothing and well, snow. Yes, I've never physically seen snow FALLING, but I assure you, my expertise of earthquake protocol would have helped a lot of people in New York a few months ago. I recently graduated from UCSD with a B.S. in Psychology after a slow and inevitable loss to pre-med, and am currently applying to PhD programs in social psychology in mostly out of state schools. Alas I shall return! Mostly for the weather, but also for the mexican food, and In-N-Out.

I saw the Mistborn books in the school bookstore in college but never read them until I heard about Brandon taking over Jordan's A Memory of Light. It gave me that extra nudge to read it and I fell in love. I only own A Way of Kings so far, but I read Mistborn and Warbreaker in my 30min-1hour breaks between classes. Haven't read Elantris yet cause as it may, stupid college bookstores don't stock the same books for very long and Elantris disappeared by the time i finished Mistborn. Just saying... if anyone wants to gift me a signed copy of Elantris.... just saying...

I'm a total book nerd, manga reader (no patience for anime anymore), and gamer (almost exclusively RPG, RPG/adventure, anything by Blizzard). I tried reading Orson Scott Card's Speaker for the Dead, Xenocide and Children of the Mind when I was around 8 or 9, didn't understand 90% of it but I LOVED Ender's Game; and I have every Animorphs book, including the alternamorphs, megamorphs, and chronicles.

Mostly, I'll be lurking (Starcraft broke me, I always imagine the unit; Pokemon also broke me, I type 'brock' half the time when I mean broke) around and mooching off the genius theories and observations of my betters, Chaos has opened my eyes (go Principle of Intent and Hoid wrote the Letter!). I try to be very logical and do a lot of reserving judgement until more evidence is provided deal, so the few times I do comment will probably be observations more than theories, or just be a question, although every blue moon a totally wild theory does strike me. As such, I am a noob at forum writing and have only recently learned how to spoiler tag things. Quoting still eludes me at the moment, especially having multiple quotes from different posts, and since I also don't own most of the books and am too lazy to physically find references, you shall see a dearth of quotations. But I got the spoiler tag thing down, don't worry. And as you can see, I also have a tendency to ramble on and end up pointing out holes in my own theories/comments/the poking of holes in other theories. So please bear with me =P

If you've read this far, congratulations! If it makes you feel better, it took me waaay longer to write this than for you to read it (longest intro yet? give me an award if it is =D). I hope we can all get along stupendously and maybe even sing the Nyan Cat song together while giving each other high fives. (>'.' )ノ \( '.'<)

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