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  1. I'm apparently a hybrid between a truthwatcher and dustbringer, huh. Didn't really expect that, but I got just about the same result when I re-did the quiz. (I'm also an INFJ if any of you are curious )
  2. Maybe Trell is just a troll...
  3. What about the illegitimate son of Highprince Valam, Redin, as a non-main character Dustbringer? Hasn't this been discussed before? Dustbringers' secondary divine attribute fits Redin's act of killing his father. When he is introduced in chapter 39 (titled Heterochromatic) of WoR, Chanarach even appears in the chapter header.
  4. From the album stormlight archive art

    Drew a better version of him. (My last drawing was awful)
  5. Actually, the opposite order to the elsecallers is the skybreakers and bondsmiths for the truthwatchers, according to the radiant diagram. Though I get what you mean. It will be interesting when all the radiants unite.
  6. I really hope we'll be introduced to other radiants early on. I also have a theory that Redin, the bastard assassin, will be a dustbringer - or at least a radiant.
  7. The stick becomes a surgebinder
  8. It's digital. I drew it in clip studio paint. @ryshadium90
  9. From the album stormlight archive art

    MA SOFT TRUTHWATCHER BOY DESERVES ALL THE LOVE my tumblr: http://caecilio.tumblr.com/
  10. From the album stormlight archive art

    She is awesome
  11. From the album stormlight archive art

    Painting of Jasnah <3. Find it here: deviantart: Jasnah Kholin Tumblr: http://caecilio.tumblr.com/post/163761252854/the-atheist-high-scholar-jasnah-kholin
  12. I've been a cosmere fan(atic) for a long time.... and I've decided to let the cosmere books ruin my internet history even further! Hello cosmere people. I'm mostly active on tumblr, but I'm excited to be joining here on the site. ;p
  13. From the album stormlight archive art

    Drawn by me Love my little edgedancer!